Archive | February, 2011 Loses 35% of Its Traffic Overnight After Google Algo Change

Posted on 27 February 2011 by Andrei

If you still don’t think Google is serious about eliminating content farms and useless content in general from the equation after my previous blog post, then this update should change your mind for good. Chris Knight (the CEO of, a site with decent content compared to others IMO) posted the following information on their official blog: “Last month, we served 57 million unique visitors. Next month, that number may be in half.”

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Google’s “Content Farms Suck” Algo Change – Another Blow for Mass Development

Posted on 25 February 2011 by Andrei

I hate to say I told you so… but I told you so (and on more than one occasion)! Google’s recent “content farms suck” algo change makes one thing perfectly clear: they hate sites which don’t add value to the Internet and if you were in denial up until this point, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. Mass development is not a viable and let’s not forget SCALABLE long-term business mode.

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$1 Domain Registrations and Transfers from GoDaddy

Posted on 22 February 2011 by Andrei

GoDaddy has released a new coupon for $1 domain registrations and transfers. You can only take advantage of this coupon if you pay via credit card and it should work for a few other extensions as well (so not just for dot coms) based on past experiences (possibly .net/.org/.biz and a few others, you can find out if it works for a certain tld or not by using the coupon when checking out after trying to register a domain). And, ladies and gentlemen, the new $1 GoDaddy coupon is “PRESIDENT”: enjoy!

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Facebook Valuation – $67.5 Billion – Why I’m Not Surprised

Posted on 20 February 2011 by Andrei

After a brief decline from $70 billion to $65.5 billion, Facebook’s valuation is on the rise again according to’s SecondaryMarket analysis. To be perfectly honest, I’m not surprised and in my opinion, the people who compare Facebook to MySpace or Twitter are just plain wrong. Why? Let me explain:

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Public Apology on from Over “Domain Squatter” Definition

Posted on 18 February 2011 by Andrei

After I blogged about how called all domainers “squatters” through their definition, a reader (Christine) contacted them via live chat and received canned responses. This approached pissed me off, so I wrote another blog post and got the initial one to rank for their name. Today, Rob from did the right thing by apologizing on (he also sent me an email) and editing the previous definition.

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Comments (11) Reader Christine Confronts Team – Their “Epic Fail” Reaction, Transcript Included

Posted on 17 February 2011 by Andrei

Update: has apologized for what happened (Rob from posted an official apology on and they did the right thing by editing the definition. Apology accepted!

Remember the post I’ve written on the 14th about the pathetic definition of the term “domain squatter” and how they were basically calling all investors squatters? A reader, Christine, confronted them via their live chat (I’m posting the transcript) and deserves to be congratulated. Want to laugh at the representative’s arrogance and lack of common sense? Read the transcript to find out how he made himself look ridiculous:

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“Domain Squatter” Defined by

Posted on 14 February 2011 by Andrei

Update: has apologized for what happened (Rob from posted an official apology on and they did the right thing by editing the definition. Apology accepted!

I can’t believe that in 2011, most people still don’t understand what the difference between an investor and a cybersquatter is. According to, a domain squatter is a person “who purchases domain names with the intent to sell them later to individuals or companies for a profit. Domain squatters will buy an un-owned domain name hoping that a company or individual will later find it pertinent to their business or simply important to own. The domain squatter can then sell the URL for a profit.”

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If You Want Money For Your Traffic…

Posted on 11 February 2011 by Andrei

… and have a large portfolio, then parking is pretty much your best and only SCALABLE option. Sad but true! Now a lot of people say that CPA offers or mass development are better alternatives but show me ONE person who has generated more profits with either method for a portfolio of 1k+ domains and I’ll re-consider my position. I won’t hold my breath and here’s why (two simple reasons):

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End User Bidding Wars at Domainer Auctions? Seriously?

Posted on 08 February 2011 by Andrei

Lots of people think that bringing end users to live domaining auctions is the way to go but I personally disagree. In my opinion, it’d be a flawed business model and this approach simply doesn’t make economic sense (waaaaay too much work for the 10% – 20% that auction houses would make).

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BoxCar Gift + Domains at Domain Fest

Posted on 04 February 2011 by Andrei

Domain Fest attendees have received a nice little gift from BoxCar (egg shaped desktop mood lights that slowly change color) as well as a ‘ticket’ which gives them a free account code and a list of domains.

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