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Domaining Success Handbook – Grab a Free Copy. A “No IFs or Buts” PDF Download.

Posted on 29 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Just ReleasedDomaining Success Handbook. A compilation of my best posts — more readable and extended.

Chapter 1 – The Shocking Truth about Domain Parking
Chapter 2 – How I “Really” Make Money From Domain Names
Chapter 3 – 6 Ways Not to Go Broke Developing Domains
Chapter 4 – Should You Fool Around With Your Domains
Chapter 5 – An Interview I did recently
Epilogue – The Unanswered Questions…

Download Your Copy – Absolutely Free!

Read it online »

Read this doc on Scribd: Domaining Success Handbook

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Link Building Tool – You Want Backlinks? It Just Can’t Get Easier Than This!

Posted on 26 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Link Building Tool

We have just launched Easy Link Building’s Link Building Tool. It is an easy way to build high-quality links. And if you are serious about making money from your sites, you need it.

Tired of spending endless hours searching Google and MSN to find sites to get links from — only to discover that most pages are either impossible to get links from or simply not worth it?

Link Building Tool lets you quickly search hundreds of links, analyze them and rank them according to the quality and ease of getting links — just with the click of a button!

For Screenshots, FAQs and more details about Link Building Tool visit

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Profitapolis’ Interview with Lord Brar

Posted on 21 April 2008 by Lord Brar

My Interview at Profitapolis

ImagesAndWords of Proftapolis approached me a few days ago for an interview. It was published today — you can read it here.

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Real Life Story – How This Girl Made over $30,000 in 1 Month from Her Sites! Plus – My Commentary.

Posted on 19 April 2008 by Lord Brar

She Made $30,000 in 1 Month From her Sites!

A few days ago a member on WickedFire who uses the moniker PFNetwork posted a thread about How She Made over $30,000 in 1 Month from Her Sites and is a pretty inspirational story about how to make money online.

I asked her if I could reprint her story on and she was kind enough to allow me to do so. Read on to learn how she did it and my own commentary on her story. Continue Reading

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Ask Lord Brar – Should You “Fool Around” with Your Domains? Must Read Mindset Information Inside.

Posted on 18 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Develop Your Domains

Blank Czech, using Ask Lord Brar service, asks:

If I have a good domain, do you think it’s worth fooling around with if it’s my first real domain? Or do you think I should try and make a long term (>3 months) development plan for the domain. It currently gets 20-30 hits a month.

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How to Choose a Host Without Getting Ripped-Off — 6 Practical “Rules of Thumb” to Remember.

Posted on 17 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Web Hosting

One of the most critical components component of your success on the internet is your web-host. If your web-host keeps giving you troubles, you will not be able to concentrate on developing, promoting and monetizing your websites. Also, if your website is down, you will not be able to show any ads and that would translate into zero revenue for you.

Sure — you can go with the top-of-shelf hosts which provide 100% uptime but they cost an arm and leg. Since our objective is to keep our costs minimum, we are going to use cheap shared-hosts. However, a LOT of these cheap hosts often resort of tactics — which I call “Dirty Games” — to squeeze every bit of profit from their customers.

Read this post to find out how most of these hosts try to rip-off their customers and “Rules of Thumb’ for identifying and avoiding such hosts. And yes, I will have host recommendations from my personal experience with some companies. Let’s get down to business, shall we? Continue Reading

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Ask Lord Brar – When is the “Right Time” to Sell Your Website or Your Domain?

Posted on 14 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Right Time

Got a Domaining Question? Ask Lord Brar.

Art Deco — while referring to my Domaining Strategy and Domain Development posts — asks:

Quoting a wise man “I keep an excel file with weekly details of how much traffic did the site get and how much money did it make from various revenue channels. If both don’t increase consistently, I know I need to get moving to grow these figures.”

With some sites it just seems like they plateau at a certain volume – maybe a 100 uniques/ month, maybe a few 1000 uniques/ month, but never enough to actually profit by either affiliates or ad cents clicks – and then they they just don’t grow much more.

It is hard to know whether to put some more time or money into them or sell them and move on. That’s what I was talking about – some way of judging what the potential of a URL is, and how many times to submit it, or add content to it, or let it be.

I assume you have to have enough domains running through your system that you develop some or list some for sale every day or every week, so when do you decide this domain is not worth holding?

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My Official Response to Jeff and Sahar!

Posted on 12 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Jeff at made a post about my domain development strategy and Sahar mentioned it on Here is the comment I left on their blogs —

Yes, I agree with you that development takes a bit of effort. But the way to that and to scale-up the strategy is to outsource as much as you can — while making sure that you minimize the costs involved.

One of the first posts which I have made as a follow-up is 6 Ways Not to Go Broke Developing Domains — Lessons That I Have Learnt the Hard Way.

As I confessed in the article, I was initially forced into the strategy because of what I had on my plate — too many domains which people were not buying. So what started as a way to cut my losses turned into a nice revenue stream. The ROI was high-enough to keep me going.

You also have to remember that most premium domains and traffic domains are pretty expensive and out of the reach of a new-domainer who may not have enough funds to support the investment.

Remember the old saying – “Money Makes Money”?

If you don’t have enough money to get into premium domains, this strategy is a good one to boot-strap your way up and get a taste and experience of domaining industry.

The money that you make from these flips can be reinvested in whatever way you can maximize your revenue — which could be re-investing in other sites that you can flip OR premium and traffic domains.

It is all about finding what works best for you.

BTW Jeff and Sahar — thanks a lot for mentioning on your blogs. I appreciate it and keep up the good work!

Update – David J Castello left a very interesting comment on Jeff’s blog, reprinted below —

True, developing is a lot of blood,sweat and tears, but pound-for-pound nothing generates more revenue. There is one well know cyber-journalist who owns about 6,000 domain names. He told me that his one developed name generates 10X more than his 5,999 parked names. And some of his parked names are quite good.

The same goes for me and my brother. The front page alone of generates over 60K a month in revenue. We could never generate this much money from parking (unless it was!).

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6 Ways Not to Go Broke Developing Domains — Lessons That I Have Learnt the Hard Way.

Posted on 11 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Make Money From Domains

Ever since I made my Domaining Strategy post, I have been getting a lot of comments and questions from you all. First of all, thanks a lot for your comments and messages — that is exactly what keeps me motivated to write here.

Most of the questions which you have asked will be covered in upcoming posts about traffic, revenue, outsourcing, hosting etc. In this post, I am going to answer two important questions –

1. How to minimize your development costs?
2. How to Scale-Up this strategy?

This post will be one of the most important — if not the most — posts in the series as it describes the mindset you need to succeed in the game. These points are essentially derived from my own experience developing domains over the last 9 years — so yes, they are street-tested.

Let’s get started, shall we? Continue Reading

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Interesting Tid-Bits From My April Fools Jokes.

Posted on 09 April 2008 by Lord Brar

April Fools Jokes

Even though I was on a vacation at a place with horrible internet connectivity on my data card, I could not resist myself playing a few pranks on April Fools Day. What I had only done for a few laughs revealed some really interesting things to me.

Fake $7 eBook Joke on WickedFire

If you have ever been on WickedFire then you’d know how much we hate “get-rich-quick” eBooks and how swiftly we take actions against them. The last thing that you’d want to see is a WickedFire Staff Member and Domaining Section Manager writing a Get Rick Quick eBook.

But yes, I did!
I claimed to be writing an eBook revealing all my domaining secrets and made an offer to people to pre-order it for just $7. You can see my thread and the funny-comments people made there by clicking here.

Another thing — when Jon had started a crusade against these quick-buck eBook authors, he had done so by openly posting a copy of the crap that these authors were selling. So to take the joke further, I asked a friend to post a fake download link for what I was claiming to sell. The link was a Rick-Roll!

The tone of comments in the thread was enough for anyone to see the joke. However, I was shocked when over 20 people contacted me via private messages, eMail and instant messenger asking for payment details for the eBooks.

I was even more shocked to see the key-phrase “lord brar ebook” in my search referral stats!

Com’on guys. I have not written any eBook and neither do I plan to anytime soon. However, this validated the fact that a fool and his money don’t stay together for long.

Remember – What Works For One, Doesn’t Work For Everyone and you have to find out what works for you by hit and trial. Has Been Sold Joke

I made this post claiming that has been sold. A lot of you saw through the joke and posted in the comments or ribbed me via IM or PM about it.

However, I actually received a few offers in high x,xxx range trying to out-do the current bidder or in case the sale doesn’t go through.

No folks, I don’t plan to sell anytime soon but it was pretty interesting to see the offers rolling in!

I hope you had a nice First April. Do tell me about your experiences and pranks in the comments.

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