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This Week’s New gTLD Launches

Posted on 07 July 2014 by Andrei

If I’m not mistaken, 4 new gTLDs will enter the General Availability phase tomorrow. Two of them tomorrow (so on the 8th of July) and the remaining two on Wednesday (in other words, on the 9th of July).

Please note that since most new gTLDs are very poorly promoted, I may very well miss some. Do your own research as well, don’t just rely on what you read on DomainingTips because while I do my best, I cannot make any accuracy guarantees.

Tomorrow, two Uniregistry extensions will enter the GA phase:

Dot BlackFriday

Dot Christmas

On the 9th, two more new gTLDs will do the same.

One Rightside new gTLD:

Dot Pub

And one Donuts new gTLD:

Dot Services

That’s it (I think) but if you notice any mistakes or know about the start of another General Availability phase aside from these, let me know by commenting or via email (

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  1. Savio D'Silva Says: does a pretty good job at updating us about when each domain comes into GA or other phases prior to the same. I don’t think the new domains are marketed poorly, everything takes time, millions of dollars are being spent on TV ads, online ads, etc. so it’s definitely being promoted more than .com itself. On the GoDaddy sites in Asia you have clear ads for major new TLDs such as .company, .expert, .guru, .club, etc. Thanks for taking the trouble to come up with these lists though. You are certainly helping educate the general public and create awareness for these new domains as well.

  2. Savio D'Silva Says:

    Domain bloggers and readers of feeds need to remember that it took more than 5 years for the world to register more than 1 Million domain names and it took just a bit over 6 months for over 1 Million new TLDs to get registered. If you ask me then it’s a clear indication of how important domain names and new TLDs are in today’s world. Every business and self employed individual has a variety of great domain extensions to choose from. Give it a few years and most of the so-called domainers will be talking about how much they regret not getting into this “new” market during the infancy phases.

  3. Leonard Britt Says:

    One should not forget why developers and end users often reg three and four-word domains sometimes with hyphens between words or with abbreviations or 2 instead of “to” or 4 instead of “for” – because they don’t want to pay more than reg fee for a domain. I agree that a business that spends thousands of dollars on all kinds of monthly business expenses (marketing, payroll, taxes, benefits, rent, utilities, professional services, etc) should give more consideration to the domain name which is how visitors arrive to their internet front door. But the domain investor view is not the way those outside the industry think.

    There will be some interesting new TLD launches in 2014. But my view based on my personal experience trying to sell .Net, .TV and even multi-word .COM domains is that even five years from now end users buying new TLDs will generally only do so when they can pick them up for reg fee or pretty darn close to it.

    I’ll give you an example of a .TV offer I received last week from an end user. A video production company saw my sub-$1000 fixed price listing for a one-word .TV domain and tried the I’m poor approach – I can’t afford that but I can offer you a low $XXX figure. I was fortunate enough to pick up this domain for a backorder but I have now had this domain for several years with $25 annual renewals so I have enough invested in the domain that a low $XXX offer doesn’t excite me. It turns out this young company decided to name their company the same name as my domain’s keyword and their business is corporate video production (dozens of videos on their Youtube channel) – a good fit for a .TV domain. But even then they still didn’t want to pay $#@%! for the domain. Well, the fact they decided to name their business ____ is not my problem. I guess you can work with your attorneys and change your business name….

  4. Andrei Says:

    @Leonard Britt: your comment inspired me to write a post about frustrating end user mentality issues. I can relate to what you’re saying and as domainers, we unfortunately have to deal with situations which leave us scratching our heads every once in a while 🙂

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