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dotMOBI CEO Trey Harvin’s Message For Domaining Community

Posted on 29 February 2008 by Lord Brar

Met Trey at ICANN New Delhi. Will post text of the whole interview.

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  1. Damir Says:

    Interesting video abour .mobi domain names.

    I have known about it a long time that the $$$$$ value of domain names will ONLY increase.

    It is the simple law of demand vs supply.

    With domain names the suppy is LIMITED and the demand is high (from all over the world).


  2. Art Says:

    Of course important, thats where you make all the money. You would have gone broke if it wasn’t for domainers. Huger year, i guess he means more domainer will be buying domains, so end users don’t even get chance to develop. I wonder how you planing to grow .mobi when its completely undeveloped.

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