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Why TRAFFIC South Beach Will Be a Success

Posted on 11 October 2010 by Andrei

Since I write a lot of posts about things that suck, I thought I’d make an exception today and write about something which doesn’t haha. Given the fact that Rick and Howard are offering a $300 discount if you sign up today, I thought it would be a good idea to publish the post while their offer is still live. Alright then, here’s why I think that TRAFFIC South Beach will be a success:

1) Momentum, momentum, momentum. There have been a LOT of conferences this year and that makes it hard to decide which event is worth attending. TRAFFIC South Beach definitely stands out as the only TRAFFIC event organized by Rick and Howard in 2010 and this much is certain: quite a few people are looking forward to it and momentum has slowly been built as of the point when the announcement that TRAFFIC South Beach will be the only event organized by the two has been made.

2) Special guests. I love the fact that they have two “extremes” as special guests: Don King and a US Congressman. Now you can say a lot of things about Don King but not that he doesn’t stand out from the crowd. This fact alone makes him a person worth listening to from a business standpoint.

Do you have to like him? No.

Do I like him as a person based on what I’ve heard? Nope.

Did he accept the invitation so he can be your best friend? Once again, no.

He will simply be there to share his 2 cents and listening to what he has to say might just prove to be worth it IMO. You don’t have to like someone as a person in order to listen to his perspective on business.

Lots of people are scum in real life but brilliant when it comes to the business side of things, I think Don King might be one of these people and this pretty much sums up my opinion when it comes to the guy.

3) The organizers feel right at home in South Beach and this makes everything a LOT easier for them. We’ve had quite a few non-US conferences in 2010 and when criticizing, lots of folks don’t take the fact that organizing an event in another country is not exactly a piece of cake into consideration.

All in all, the situation is as simple as it gets:

Are there lots of conferences these days? Yes.

What does this mean? More competition.

What do you have to do in order to be successful when there’s a lot of competition? Stand out.

Does TRAFFIC South Beach stand out? Yep!

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  1. Nick Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun, will there be domains sold or just a conference?

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Nick: domain auction + conference

  3. Andrei Says:

    One more thing: I think the live auction will he held on Proxibid and the extended one on but I’m not 100% sure about that. The preliminary inventory can be found here:

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