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This Week’s New gTLD Launches

Posted on 13 October 2014 by Andrei

We’re looking at a very quiet week, with only 7 new gTLDs in the spotlight: two General Availability phases and five Early Access Programs.

Most of the action will take place on Wednesday (6 out of 7 new gTLDs).

On Tuesday, the only noteworthy event is the Dot Okinawa GA phase.

On Wednesday, we will have this week’s other GA phase:

Dot Soy

Last but not least, here are the five Early Access Programs lined up for Wednesday:

Dot Healthcare
Dot Airforce
Dot Army
Dot Navy
Dot Vet

That’s it for this week.

I do my best to provide accurate information but please keep in mind that since there are so many new gTLDs and since a lot of them are very poorly promoted (pretty much no promotion whatsoever in a lot of cases), I might have missed some.

Do your own research, don’t rely exclusively on mine.

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  1. Loan Arranger Says:

    .soy? Get real. These gtld suckers are gonna burn faster than grease on a hot grill. All of them. No exception. All of the gtlds are ridiculously dumb and the demand just isn’t there. To the contrary, they seem to be driving up the price of .com.

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