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Things That Could Make Domain Investing Grind to a Halt

Posted on 29 September 2015 by Andrei

As a lot of you probably already know (as this news has literally been all over the place over the past 24 hours or so), proof that water in liquid form exists on Mars seems to have been found. This made me wonder: what if one of these days, instead of such an announcement, people will announce that we’ve actually been in contact with an alien civilization?

This would be a somewhat extreme example of something that could make our industry grind to a halt but let’s face it: if we actually get in contact with an alien civilization, who knows what the repercussions could be? Most likely, people would end up having anything but buying and selling domain names on their mind, at least for a while.

Now this is obviously an extreme example but it does make it clear that there are certain events which could make buying and selling domain names multiple orders of magnitude harder than it currently is. Another extreme event, one with a higher likelihood unfortunately, is the outbreak of war. In that case, again, buying and selling domains would no longer be a priority for most people.

An example of an even more likely scenario is represented by a financial crisis of epic proportions. Should such an event occur, economic activity in general would be frozen and our industry would be among the first to be hit.

These examples should make it crystal-clear that there are quite a few types of events which could make buying and selling domain literally grind to a halt. There would be no transactions, at least for a certain period of time and hence, there would be absolutely no way for you to liquidate inventory.

You would basically be stuck with whichever domains you own at that point in time and it would be let’s just say the worst possible moment to find yourself in such a situation, because those are precisely the times when you would need to liquidate the most.

Think of it as Murphy’s Law’s on a huge scale and be prepared.

4 Comments For This Post

  1. jon Says:

    Does that mean prices would go down. LLL.coms and NNN.coms being more affordable….If so, im sure there would still be activity.

  2. Ricardo Says:

    Andrei, do you have a twitter account? I cannot see it on your site. Many people stopped visiting Domainingcom including me. It is easier to follow on twitter.

  3. M Says:

    Financial crisis, of course. Outbreak of war, no. The U.S. has been at war for 14 years and that, in itself, hasn’t had a stopping effect on domain buying and selling.

  4. lock Says:

    I will stick to dot com I won’t worry about dot ET.
    Alien invasion will take over making space invaders your homepage.