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The Web Is Maturing, Here’s What Happens in 60 Seconds!

Posted on 11 October 2011 by Andrei

Noticed a pretty interesting image which I want to share with you guys (if you earn a living online, I encourage you to check it out), impressive stuff! Want to know what happens in 60 seconds on the Web? Well, over 70 domains are registered, almost 700,000 Google search queries are performed, almost 700,000 Facebook status updates are posted, almost 400,000 minutes in Skype voice calls are made and so on.

Here’s the image I’m referring to, click on it and you will be taken to the large version:

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  1. melanie Says:

    thanks for the useful info

  2. Says:

    Impressive Image, made this image to promote their business. But is the numbers correct ? who knows

  3. Saswata Nandi Says:


  4. Clicke Xpert Says:

    hmmm intresting
    world is really moving fast.the example with the picture is just great.Thanks for sharing

  5. süper x power Says:

    I like your tips very much. every one of them is so correct. and you can’t give up on any of them’ only together it can work. thank you for this great post.

  6. xp s6 Says:

    Thanks for the share, I always thought paid surveys are scam. Good to hear something original.

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