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WHO Are You Taking Advice From?

Posted on 30 December 2010 by Andrei

Popular domaining forums have hundreds of thousands of members but the thing is, less than 1% of the memberhsip base consists of people who actually earn a living online. When starting a thread or asking a question through a post, you have to ask yourself: who am I taking advice from?

The Long Tail Dot Tel Portfolio Owner?

Let’s assume you’re a newbie with a 4 or 5 figure budget. It’s actually quite common to see threads such as “$5,000 Budget – What to Do?” on domaining forums but if you start such a thread, be careful who you accept advice from.

Do you really want to make decisions based on advice from people who own long tail dot tel portfolios, for example? Now a lot of people say things like “analyze the argument, not the person making it” but when it comes to our industry, that’s a load of bs!

Some people literally don’t have a clue but are so convinced they’re giving great advice that their posts end up sounding quite authoritative. Again, the “analyze the argument, not the person making it” way of thinking will get you nowhere.

Instead, why not add some common sense to the mix and analyze the following let’s call them “fundamentals” associated with a forum account:

CRISP – Credibility / Registration Date / Internet Presence / Signature / Post Count

One word, “CRISP”, that’s all you have to remember and you’ll be on the right track. The concept is as simple as it gets: you can determine a poster’s credibility by analyzing his or her:

Registration Date:
if a person has only been around for let’s say 2-3 months, he or she is probably a newbie and in no position to give decent advice. There are obviously exceptions but let’s just say that you should think twice before accepting advice from someone who is obviously new to the forum UNLESS his or her Internet presence and signature are impressive.

Internet Presence: Is the poster who is giving advice a blogger? Does he or she own a popular website related to domaining? Are there any records of impressive sales with his or her name on them? If so then yes, taking the advice the person in question has to offer into consideration definitely can’t hurt.

Signature: A lot of people use their signatures to advertise some of their domains and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can actually take advantage of this fact and gather relevant information about that person from his or her signature. Let’s just say that someone with category killer domains in his or her signature is worth listening to, while someone with awful domains is not and leave it at that.

Post Count: Be careful, analyzing a person’s post count is not as simple as it sounds! On the one hand, a decent post count can indicate that we’re talking about an important contributor but always analyze the poster’s past comment to determine if there is any substance to them or if they’re just fluff. Oh and also factor in the registration date. If someone has been around for let’s say 4 years and has 3,000 posts on a forum, he or she is probably a respected member of that community. On the other hand, someone with 3,000 posts who has only joined a few months ago is probably only there to spam his/her signature or has way too much time on his/her hands.

There You Have It!

Forums can be quite useful but you need to understand that most members are not worth listening to. I know it sounds harsh but let’s face it: you need to be selective and not just absorb all of the information you are fed like a robot because you might just end up with your circuits burned 😉

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  1. SL Says:

    Nice tips. A couple more:
    1) Stay off and completely.

    2) Newbs will inevitably end up on because learning domaining eventually leads into learning affiliate stuff. It’s a badge of honor to get “rolled” once. Getting “rolled” twice means you’re doing something wrong.

  2. zoop Says:

    I am on DP – and find that there is RARELY a time that I get a question answered correctly – there are way too many people who post just to post and NEVER answer a question correctly.
    I feel that if you dont know an answer you shouldnt reply.
    I usually turn to the well known blogs, or just send the owner of a blog a question – I usually get a reply which is nice.

  3. Danny Says:

    I totally agree with SL

    Stay away from and similar affiliate forums, these are breeding grounds for con artists waiting for fresh meat to squander over – scavengers..

  4. Sam Says:

    I concur. DP has some great info if you dig deep and search. It’s so popular that many questions go unanswered.

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