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Social Media and… Domaining?

Posted on 25 February 2019 by Andrei

I don’t know about you guys but personally, the idea of someone like myself (who works on a computer for a living) also spending his free time online seems… just plain wrong.

Therefore, I just can’t see myself wasting countless hours watching cat pics on social media, I just don’t see it happening. Perhaps if my job didn’t involve using the computer so darn much, there would be more of an appeal, I don’t know.

However, as someone who is also in the education space given the fact that I run the One Minute Economics YouTube channel (where I teach people economics through one minute animations)… I’ve decided to change my attitude toward social media this year.

I mean look: I’m an economist who wants to teach as many people as possible economics.


Well, because the difference between knowing and not knowing your basic economics can frequently end up being the difference between being financially resilient and being extremely vulnerable.

I’ve noticed that way too many economists judge “the average consumer” for spending so much time let’s say following celebrities on Instagram instead of educating themselves… while I agree that it’s a problem, I disagree on what those in the education sphere need to do about it.

Whining isn’t going to cut it.

So I ended up telling myself that look, I agree that too many people are following celebs on Instagram.

But why not see it as an opportunity?

If so many are doing this, it means their attention is on Instagram. And if their attention is on Instagram, perhaps I can tap into that and convince people to also spend a little bit of time learning.


By sharing anything from memes to infographics… whatever it takes 🙂

The same principle is valid when it comes to Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

I’ve noticed that economics-related memes tend to do well on Instagram. On Pinterest, people seem to really appreciate infographics, so I’m having a bunch of infographics made, one for each video that I’ve published.

… the list could go on and on.

That made me think about domaining.

Frankly, I haven’t seen that many domainers try to properly leverage social media and while it isn’t as obvious as with education-related projects what you can do, I can’t help but think there’s some gold in them thar hills 🙂

What I do know is that if you understand what makes each platform tick and immerse yourself in the community, there’s a lot of free* exposure to be had. Please notice the “*” because there is a significant investment of time required, especially until you learn the ropes.

I wish this post could provide some easy-to-incorporate domaining solutions… unfortunately, it doesn’t.

But I hope that by sharing these thoughts as well as my own social media experience (albeit with a project that’s not related to domaining), I made some wheels spin in your brain. Sure hope so!

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