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Should Domain Forums Have a Marketplace Section for New gTLDs?

Posted on 25 August 2014 by Andrei

I’m quite surprised that at this point, domain forums don’t have a marketplace section for new gTLDs. It would be an important step towards generating reseller market activity, so the fact that there’s no such thing yet is definitely not good at all for the new extensions.

For example, DNForum as well as NamePros have a ccTLD marketplace section. As far as NamePros is concerned, all ccTLD sales threads belong in that section and when it comes to DNForum, there’s a large “ccTLD + sTLD” folder which contains a section for the most popular ccTLDs/sTLDs and one called “Others” for everything else.

So let’s assume you want to sell a new gTLD domain.

Over at NamePros, the relevant place to list it at would be the “Fixed Price” section if you have a price in mind or the “Make an Offer” section if you’re not sure yet. Yes, those sections have quite a bit of traffic but the downside is represented by the fact that there are lots and lots of listings in each (dot com/net/org domains, legacy TLDs and so on), so your thread wouldn’t be in the proverbial spotlight for long.

At DNForum, there’s a more relevant section for new gTLDs but the downside is represented by the fact that it’s not very visible and therefore receives little attention. The appropriate section would be the “Other” one, located in the “Domains for sale (ccTLD and sTLD Domain Sales)” folder.

Should a separate section be created for new gTLDs?

Hard to say.

On the one hand, the owners of the two forums might say that there’s limited reseller market activity at this point and therefore limited demand for such a section. In my opinion, that’s a fair argument.

On the other hand though, how can reseller market activity ever pick up in the absence of decent sales venues?

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  1. Registry Says:

    There’s a reseller market pace, it’s called the Registry.

  2. C.C. Says:

    “For example, DNForum as well as NamePros have a ccTLD marketplace section”

    Since I can’t find that section, can you please put a link of that section (you said ccTLDs, not .TV, .me, .co: those ccTLDs are fews and particular (used often to form hacks or with other meanings like “company”, “television”, etc.). I can’t find that setion for real ccTLDs on Namepros (I don’t even look to DNF, since I am not a paying member…), so I mean the sections for buying/selling .de, .uk, .fr., .es, .it, .pl, .nl, .ch, .ro, etc.).

    Thank you..

  3. C.C. Says:

    Sorry, i find the section, it seems this page, correct me if I am wrong.

    So, exception done for .de, all the other real ccTLDs are without a real section for each of them, right?

    Mmmhh, it seems pretty strange…

  4. Leonard Britt Says:

    Perhaps they should have a sales subforum for each TLD 🙂

  5. Andrei Says:

    @C.C.: the section you linked to is for ccTLD discussions, here’s the one I referred to: (Marketplace – Domain Names – ccTLD)

    @Leonard Britt: if you’d like me to, I can contact the admins and tell them you volunteered for the noble task of creating and moderating all of the subforums 🙂

  6. Johnny Says:

    That was fast:

  7. C.C. Says:

    Andrei, the section you referred ( ) seems to me like a bazar. If I want to sell pizzas, I dont put them for sale on the shelf where there are the car tires and neither I put them for sale where there are the toilet seats.

    Oh, sorry, my fault: yes they are doing it correctly, they are rightly putting their pizzas for sale close to the LCD monitors.

    Yeah, that is the right practice.

  8. Tim Says:

    @C.C.: What are you trying to say? You’re talking about car tires and pizza… can someone decode this attempt at an analogy?

  9. Tim Says:

    @C.C.: Send me some pizza while I try to figure out what you are talking about.

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