Scam Alert: $25,000 Offer to purchase a domain name

Posted on 01 February 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Quick flip: Handreg to $2,395 in 22 days / The future of .EU domains / NamesCon/ROTD Auction Results (2018) / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Another Fraud to Watch Out For – Brandon Abbey from Payoneer warns about an escrow company scam that’s been detected. Be careful who you send your money to folks, you never know which companies are legit sometimes. – The .com and .net are probably worth a pretty penny, but what about this dot org version of Job Apps? A non-profit job search maybe? I guess it could work being dedicated to non-profits and charities exclusively. How much do you think it’s worth? – Seriously? What compels people to register this stuff? I can’t see a lick of value in this domain. Total waste of registration fee in my opinion. Do you think it has any value at all? If so, why? – 5 Figure Sale – Check out this 3 letter .com sales report for 5 figures. It’s time to get motivated peeking into the window of how these sales come to fruition. Have you made a 5 figure sale yet?

Quick flip: Handreg to $2,395 in 22 days – Awesome! You have to admit, it’s always nice to see a quick flip like this one. There’s nothing like turning a hand registration in a 4 digit sale in under 30 days. If investors could do that once a month, they could do this full time instead of just being a hobby.

The future of .EU domains – Is the .eu ccTLD extension losing its grip in the industry? It seems that investors are starting to shy away from the extension causing new sales to plummet and domains expiring. What are your thoughts?

Scam Alert: $25,000 Offer to purchase a domain name – Has anyone else been approached by this Japanese group making crazy offers on domain names?

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