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Reseller Market Demand for Generics?

Posted on 04 May 2016 by Andrei

Bill Sweetman wrote a very interesting piece about what end users want and one worders for example are at the top of his list. Generics in general are leading the way, with 68% based on his data.

But what about the reseller market?

Well, things aren’t as rosy I’m afraid.

Compared to short domains, there’s ridiculously low liquidity in the world of generics.

With short domains, even after the price decrease, there’s still plenty of activity. Some think they’ll go up, some think they’ll go down, so they buy and sell accordingly. The volumes are definitely nowhere close to what they were back in let’s say late 2015 but still, the liquidity is more than reasonable.

Wish I could say the same about generics.

For example, I tried selling some really good generics recently:

I consider these really good domains, domains with strong end user appeal and all that.

Yet resellers aren’t exactly thrilled.

My price expectations are as follows: – $6,499 – $3,499 – $4,999 (website included, an aggregator like but for affiliate marketers) – $3,499 (website included)

I’d say they’re reasonable.

Or at least reasonable enough to make people want to haggle a bit, bring the price down a notch perhaps.

But for the most part, I hear crickets whenever I pitch generics.

Whereas when I pitch short domains, I get offers very very frequently. In this market, people love to haggle and a lot of the offers are not numbers I want to hear but nonetheless, the offers are there.

Pretty fascinating how little reseller market liquidity there is for generics compared to short domains.

What do you guys think?

Are you satisfied with the reseller market liquidity level for generics? Feel free to share your 2 cents.

2 Comments For This Post

  1. RP Says:

    What’s a fanboy?
    Instability has a very negative connotation
    Affiliate marketers are typically cheap and not ideal end users
    Mega sites doesn’t have much mainstream adoption with proven longevity

    I’d say your “generics” are pretty weak. Just being honest.

    If you’re going after English generics go after either a word (or two words) that has a positive connotation or a product that can be sold (without depending upon someone else’s TMs) and not a fad

  2. Snoopy Says:

    I don’t think these are names with strong enduser appeal. They are good names, but I think they are the type of names that will get low levels of inquiries.

    The last 3 especially will need very big rice reductions to sell.

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