How to present the .com to the owner of the ccTLD version

Posted on 09 February 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: California, Silicon Valley Domain Investor Meetup / .CC end user domain markets / Buying Single Spanish word .Com’s / And more!

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California, Silicon Valley Domain Investor Meetup – Are you in the silicon valley area of California and a domain investor? Interested in meeting up with other like-minded investors like yourself?

.CC end user domain markets – Share your .cc ccTLD statistics and data with other .cc domain investors. Compare notes and brainstorm new strategies.

How to present the .com to the owner of the ccTLD version – Have you had much luck with this strategy? What are some tips that you would recommend when approaching the owner of a ccTLD in the same name as the .com asset you want to sell them?

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  1. Mazino Oyolo Kigho Says:

    I went through the post at NamePro on how to approach someone who has the domain when you have the .com. I think the suggestion is really practical. But for me, I don’t really like ccTLD.