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Posted on 02 March 2017 by Andrei

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an update about my channel, which went from 3,000+ to 6,000+ subscribers and is growing remarkably well.

Right now, I’m gaining roughly 32 new subscribers each day and am pretty close to 100,000 monthly views.

But this comes at a price: time and money.

I’ve started this channel as a hobby, just the idea of me posting a video once every two months or maybe once a month.

But the thing is, the videos got solid feedback and people wanted more. So I said “sure” and published more… more and more. Which brings me to the present and here I am, posting two videos not per month but per week!

For example, here are the videos I’ve published over the past month:

On February 1, one through which I compare technical and fundamental analysis.

On February 4, one about the World Trade Organization.

On February 7, one about penny stocks.

On February 11, one about pump and dump schemes in general.

On February 14, a comparison between tangible and intangible assets.

On February 18, one about bank runs.

On February 22, one about bank deposit guarantees.

On February 25, one about the viability of college and student loans.

On February 28, one about the economics behind doing/fixing stuff yourself (DIY) vs. hiring a professional.

… and this is pretty much the pace at which I’m publishing videos right now.

From the perspective of the channel and its viewers, this is great.

I already have lots of videos about various important topics, organized through well-categorized playlists as well (one about personal finance, one about economic history and so on) and all that. Also, at the current pace, I’ll be adding about 100 videos per year which again, it great. The channel is becoming more and more useful/meaningful but again, this comes at a price: time and money.

Right now, the channel went from being a hobby to becoming pretty much a part-time occupation.

Therefore, it’s time to also make some money.

I’ve enabled ads but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about YouTube, it’s that ads alone aren’t enough.

As such, I’m also experimenting with other ways of making money. In each video, I post a message asking those who want to support the channel to visit Take a look and you’ll notice those who want to support the channel have various options: buying my book, donating directly via PayPal, making a Bitcoin donation or becoming a patron on Patreon (a service which lets people sponsor my channel by making a monthly contribution, starting with as little as $1).

I’ve only been experimenting with this for a relatively short period, so I don’t have much to report on the results front but this much is certain: for every dollar I make via ads, I have to make at least another dollar through other methods because again, ad revenue alone is just not enough.

Content-wise, everything’s on the right track. My traffic and subscriber base is growing, people appreciate my work and so on.

What’s clear is that right now, the money side of things requires my attention.

I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens next 🙂

4 Comments For This Post

  1. Marco polo Says:

    Just a thought, how about an affiliate link directly related to the videos content posted in the description.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Marco polo: based on what I’ve noticed with other YouTubers, having your own product tends to be a more popular approach. I think primarily because viewers trust/like you and as such, they’re more likely to buy a product that you’re behind rather than something you’re simply promoting.

    For example, those who watch my One Minute Economics videos like my way of teaching economics and since they know I’ve actually written the book I’m promoting, they’re more likely to purchase it than if I’d simply be promoting a book as an affiliate.

  3. Marco polo Says:

    I 100% agree with you. Question is would it be better to sell your book as a whole, or break it up into mini ebooks (like penny stocks, WTO, etc. And that way you can promote the penny stock ebook alongside the penny stock video. Of course you can also list all your ebooks by subject matter on your website.

  4. Andrei Says:

    @Marco polo: I did something similar to what you’re suggestion and once I find some time, will go through my videos and do it again whenever relevant. However, instead of publishing different books, I’m simply saying something along the lines of “Check out Wealth Management 2.0, which has an entire section about investing in yourself” in the One Minute Economics video about investing in yourself, “Check out Wealth Management 2.0, which has an entire section about stocks” in the One Minute Economics video about stocks and so on. Very good suggestion.