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Posted on 05 July 2016 by Andrei

It’s been a while since I’ve written about how things are going with my One Minute Economics YouTube channel. For those of you that don’t know yet, it’s basically a channel through which I teach people economics via entertaining (I hope!) one-minute animations.

Well, thanks to yesterday’s video about pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, the channel has had its best day ever by far: 100+ subscribers in 24 hours!

How? Reddit.

The video in question ended up among the first positions of page #2 of the /r/videos subreddit and while that doesn’t seem spectacular, it actually is if you take into account that the subreddit in question has 11 MILLION members. About half the population of my country, heh.

Before that happened, I was sitting at 370-371 subscribers and was optimistic that I might get close to 400 thanks to Reddit.

Well, I went to bed and woke up to a whopping 465 subs. I now have around 480.

I have done well on /r/videos before with my bitcoin video but it seems this video (which explained what pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes are) generated a LOT more subscribers for roughly the same number of views.

Ok, this video had slightly more views thanks to Reddit than the other, let’s say 1,000 more but I got FIVE times more subscribers.

In other words, I had roughly 20 new subs after the bitcoin video did well on /r/videos and now, a similar performance from another video brought me a little over 100. Actually, the bitcoin video did slightly better position-wise, it managed to hit page 1, even if only on the last position. With this one, I didn’t hit page 1 but was among the first positions of page 2.

The only two explanations I can think of as to why I got 5 times more subs than last time:

1) they found the video more interesting than the bitcoin one

2) I’m now posting two times per week, so the channel looks more active

Definitely the best 24 hours the channel has had… by far.

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