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New gTLD Case Study, Update #2: Development Experiment

Posted on 02 June 2014 by Andrei

As mentioned on the 18th of May, I’ll be documenting my new gTLD journey as of this point and will let you guys know what I bought as well as what my plans/results are.

Yesterday, I picked up Stocks.XYZ, my first landrush domain (all of the other ones have been bought during the general availability phase). The domain will have a standard renewal fee and I plan on turning it into a megasite with 100+ articles.

As some of you know, (my development business) was launched “officially” back in April and as the name suggests, its business model revolves around building large/genuinely useful sites.

With Stocks.XYZ, I plan on doing just that. From general or let’s call them “beginner-friendly” articles to more advanced stuff, I will try to develop a website about stocks which can turn a complete beginner into someone reasonably knowledgeable.

I’ll post a case study update after the site goes live and whenever I have information worth sharing.

As mentioned previously, Stocks.XYZ is a landrush domain.

I also pre-registered and then bought some general availability dot xyz domains but I’ll post another update about those once I know for sure which ones I got. Those that I bought directly are already in my possession and as far as the ones I pre-registered are concerned, I currently know that one of them will go to auction. To avoid confusions, I’ll post about them once I’m 100% certain what the final list is and once the “domain for sale” landing pages are up (I’ll set up a simple “domain for sale” landing page for each domain, just like the ones I used for the new gTLD domains mentioned in my first case study post).

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  1. Savio D'Silva Says:

    Best wishes for these projects you have undertaken. Your insights along the way shall help a lot of us learn a lot more about this amazing career.

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