Looking for LLL.com (CVC preferred)

Posted on 21 February 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Buying LLLL.COM CHIP Domains / I’m Investing into CVCV.COM – CVVC.COM / Baseball.net sold for $15,100 – It sold previously for $52,500 in ’08 / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

The importance of character accents in .de names – Are you a .de ccTLD investor? What statistics and research do you have on character accents when it comes to .de domain names and their ability to acquire more interest from end users?

Opinions on .UK – For those of you investing in .uk domain assets, do you think that they are in more or less demand than .co.uk? Are they easier to sell?

VR-Bots.com – I think the hyphen in this one kills it to be honest. How would you evaluate a domain like VR-Bots.com? Do you think it has any value in today market?

Baseball.net sold for $15,100 – It sold previously for $52,500 in ’08 – Wow! Talk about a big loss in that investment. It went from $52,500 in 2008 to $15,100 in 2018. That’s a $37,400 loss (Not including renewals). Is this a sign that value is dropping?

I’m Investing into CVCV.COM – CVVC.COM – This investor is desperately seeking some cvcv.coms and cvvc.coms. Do you have any in your portfolio you want to sell? Their budget is up to $10,000.

Buying LLLL.COM CHIP Domains – Do you have any 4 letter CHIPs in your portfolio you want to sell? This investor is looking to take them off your hands if you do.

Looking for LLL.com (CVC preferred) – Be sure to triple check your portfolio for one of these 3 letter.com’s. if you have any you want to let go for reseller pricing, let this buyer know.

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