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Let’s Talk About “Blockbuster” Sales

Posted on 24 March 2017 by Andrei

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that this post is written by someone who has been domaining for quite a few years but never had a “blockbuster” sale that tops the charts.

Realistically speaking, most of those who are reading this won’t have a blockbuster sale either but let me ask you: so what?

I wanted to start with the bad news so I can move on to the good.

And the good news is that you don’t need blockbuster sales to earn a solid living and be financially secure.

You really don’t.

Home runs make the news. People talk about them. Colleagues envy you. Beginners dream about these sales and so on.

But at the end of the day, these sales are such a minority that they’re next to irrelevant for the average domainer.

The average domainer doesn’t have the inventory it takes to generate such sales.

The average domainer doesn’t have the financial comfort of being able to say no to great but not blockbuster offers. It’s easier to say no to a $30,000 when you have 100 times more than that in the bank… but most people don’t.

It’s important and reassuring to know that you can make money in this industry with “bread and butter” (as in non-spectacular) sales as well. In fact, most of the money is made this way, through sales which aren’t impressive but add up.

Click here to visit’s list which of 500 *all-time* reported domain sales.

All time.

How many seven figure sales are on that list? Less than 100.

And then once again, less than 100 sales between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

Not exactly impressive, right?

Certainly a low enough number of all-time reported blockbuster sales to make it clear that, well… there just aren’t many of them.

As much as I dislike being a party pooper, that’s just how things stand.

If you come to this industry expecting a glamorous career filled with blockbuster sales, you’ll probably be disappointed.

If however you start domaining with more realistic expectations, you might just realize that even if the industry isn’t as glamorous as it may seem, it can and if you work hard enough will enable you to become financially secure.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    These are reported sales. Only a small fraction are reported, most sales remain private per either of the parties request. Blockbuster or not, 50k can make your day.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Andrew: I agree not all sales are reported but wouldn’t go so far as to say that only a small fraction are made public. And the thing is, many in our industry who have an agenda with respect to promoting a certain domain category refer to all sorts of mythical “NDA sales” which usually aren’t real 🙁

  3. Jeff Schneider Says:

    Hello Andrew,
    We think the most important question for domainers is what are the top 500 non-reportable Valuations. You see we are still in the dark about valuations because there is a concerted effort to hide true .COM Equimoddity Valuations.Why would this be ?? We know the answer JAS 3/24/17

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) Former ( Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed C.B.O.E. Commodity Hedge Strategist) (

  4. Jeff Schneider Says:


  5. Jeff Schneider Says:

    Hello Andrew,
    Good question, why are many .COM Equimoddity Platforms sales not reported? Why is there a concerted effort to hide .COM Equimoddity Platforms True Valuations? We know the answer. OCCAMS Razor JAS 3/24/17

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) Former ( Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed C.B.O.E. Commodity Hedge Strategist) (

  6. Mobile Notary Says:

    I’ve made $50 million in sales. It’s never hit my bank account. 😉

  7. Andrew Rosener Says:

    ANDREI, it is true that a VERY small percentage of large sales are reported. Not trying to toot my own horn or rain on your parade, but according to, who I’m told has at least 80% of the total market share on large domain escrow transactions, my company,, was the 2nd highest grossing company in domain names sales (via for 2016 in the entire industry. That is not a popularity contest like some of the other domain industry awards, it is based on fact. Based on actual closed domain transactions via a 3rd party escrow service. So, with that said, we don’t report ANY of our sales. NONE. And 95% of our sales are those blockbuster sales. Additionally, i would say the other two large companies closing those blockbuster sales are Mark Monitor & CSC, both of which do not report any of their sales / acquisitions. My best estimate is that there are about $2-3 Billion in aftermarket blockbuster domain sales per year (sales >$100k). Totally a guestimate, but its taken me years to arrive at that number through numerous private conversations with some of the largest domain investors, brokers and corporate service companies.

    While I completely agree with your premise, that you don’t need home runs to make a living, singles and doubles keep you in the game and can make you a very nice living; I just want to clarify the foundation of your argument and set the record straight. Your idea is correct, but for the wrong reasons!

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