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Let’s Help Natasha!

Posted on 23 November 2015 by Andrei

This is unfortunately going to be a post about how life really, really sucks sometimes. Tim is a fellow domainer, I’ve interacted with him a few times and can tell you he’s a real go-getter. Unfortunately, life can even throw a curveball to such people and his wife was recently diagnosed with very aggressive cancer.

Her liver, colon and lungs are affected.

This won’t be a simple battle, it will be the exact opposite but I know Tim and Natasha can do it.

Fuck cancer!

As someone who has been through a similar situation, it would be the understatement of the century to say I hate this disease.

I genuinely despise it, let’s not let cancer win!

If you can, please donate to Tim’s GoFundMe campaign by clicking on the following link:

No matter how hard-working you are, a situation like this can put you on your knees from a financial perspective as well. Natasha and Tim need our help, let’s collectively tell cancer to go fuck itself!

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