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If You Truly Want a Domain, Bid Aggressively

Posted on 19 April 2013 by Andrei

Sometimes, bidding using the minimum increments makes sense but personally, whenever I truly *want* a domain, I don’t mind bidding aggressively.

What does “bidding aggressively” mean?

Well, it means bidding in a manner which makes it clear that you mean business.

That way, some of your competitors might back out of the auction sooner.

“This guy is crazy, I’m out!”

If that’s what the other bidders end up thinking, you’ll be in good shape 🙂

If you only bid in small increments, you know how it is: a lot of people will say “well, it’s only $50 more, I’m in” and then one thing leads to another, so before you know it the price is higher than it would have been if you would have been more aggressive.

Sometimes, you have to show them who’s in charge, don’t be afraid to do that.

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