How to get your stolen domain name back

Posted on 30 January 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Pump and dump in the domain industry / How to develop a domain into a niche job board / NamesCon/ROTD Auction Results (2018) / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Quick Flip Domain Strategy – We all like to make a quick buck or two and there are few different quick flipping strategies used to sell domain assets fast. Which quick flip domain strategy works best for you? – Do pronounceable typo domains have any value in today’s market? It could actually be brandable I think. How much do you think could be sold for?

The number of clicks it takes to get to the owner of a domain name – How many clicks do you have to make before you are connected with an end user for one of your domains? What’s the average?

Pump and dump in the domain industry – This was an interesting historical read explaining how to pump and dump works and was possibly used to fuel the CHIP domain trend. Have you ever pumped and dumped?

How to develop a domain into a niche job board – Have you ever developed a niche job board website? If so, share your experience and knowledge with others interested in developing domains into job boards.

NamesCon/ROTD Auction Results (2018) – Has anyone been following the NamesCon live auction? What sold? How much did it sell for? and what did people pass on?

How to get your stolen domain name back – With an increase in domain theft as interest in the domain industry grows, what are the best practices for recovering a domain that was stolen from you? Please share your advice to help investors and business owners protect their assets.

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