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Have You Ever Bought/Sold Domains via Bitcoin?

Posted on 24 October 2015 by Andrei

Over the past two days or so, I’ve been in touch with two people who want to buy short domains (LLLL dot coms) with bitcoins. Personally, I never sold domains for bitcoins before, curious if any of you guys has any experience with it.

The main problem I see for domain traders is the fact that there might not be enough people willing to buy/sell via bitcoin to make this endeavor worth it.

In other words, let’s assume you sell a domain and accept bitcoins.

Great, you now want to use those bitcoins to buy another name.

The main question which arises is this: are sellers willing to accept btc?

If you aren’t able to transact (as in buy AND sell) directly in bitcoins, you’ll end up having to exchange bitcoins for something sellers will accept. The result: exchange fees + time/energy involved.

Have you ever used btc as a domainer?

If you’re currently interested in buying LLLL dot coms via bitcoin, I might be able to help you find some names. Shoot me an email at and I’ll see what I can do.

My offer is limited to LLLL.coms for the time being.

The idea behind bitcoin seems pretty awesome but at this point, I have little to no data related to the volume we’re talking about. If you’ve bought and/or sold via bitcoin before, share your experience by commenting and let us know:

1) Which wallet have you used?

2) Was the deal easy/hassle-free?

3) Were you able to find other domainers who also accept btc?

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  1. Anunt Says:

    i sold for $xx,xxx and they paid in bitcoins thru Bitcoin escrow company

    Very bad experience…will never do it again unless i get the money first.

    You can NOT trust anyone paying with bitcoins.

    I love bitcoins but don’t trust the people or companies.

    I would recommend they pay u first before u transfer the domain name.

    Any transactions involving bitcoin, ask for Bitcoin first then send item.

    You can not even trust escrow companies. is a btc escrow company who said they received the bitcoins and I can go ahead and make the domain transfer…then after i transferred the domain, they said they do NOT have the bitcoins and I could not do anything.

    I got the money after I contacted several top bitcoiners.

    I sold for $xx,xxx and they paid me in bitcoins and was a completely smooth transaction because they paid me first which took less than a minute and i pushed the domain in less than a minute…less than 10 minutes and transaction was completed successfully.

    I love bitcoins and the ease of use but i recommend you get the Bitcoin payment first, then send items.

    Do not trust any Bitcoin escrow companies.

  2. Anunt Says:

    I use coinbase which is great.
    They charge 1% to buy or sell BTC.
    You can change your BTC to USD anytime.

  3. Steve Says:

    Use a wallet for storing your bits offline. Ledger or trezor. Buy and sell at
    Smooth, fast deals with rated traders and no middleman.

  4. Steve Says:

    Bitcoin and domains are a perfect match. Trade and transfer anywhere in the World for pennies. It’s time to be your own bank.

  5. Eric Borgos Says:

    You are overstating the problems with using Bitcoin. You can covert Bitcoin to real currency anytime you want using an exchange or even easier use or like a merchant account and it is the same as taking a credit card or Paypal, but the fees are less.

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