GoDaddy Promo Codes + PayPal = BS? [Guest Post]

Posted on 31 January 2014 by Andrei

One thing I can’t stand is when corporations don’t do right by their customers. GoDaddy will not allow you to use PayPal as your payment method when you use a promo code. If PayPal is your only option, you’re shut out from getting the best discounts at the world’s largest registrar.

GoDaddy customer service says this is because of PayPal policy involving small payments. Then they need to change their policy. They have no problem allowing these small payments for individuals, so why not for payments through businesses like this too? Don’t tell me these two corporate giants can’t figure out the economics to make these payments work. That’s bs.

GoDaddy is one of their biggest revenue streams. They should go to bat for their customers and use their leverage to do right by their customers and get PayPal to process these payments for them. If they’re going to be the 1,000-pound gorilla, with what looks to be a monopoly in the making (31% market share, with the next largest registrar at 8% and will continue growing with no signs of slowing down because no other registrar is making a serious effort to compete with them), then the least they can do is do right by their customers, give them as many payment options as possible.

If you want to buy domains with a promo code at GoDaddy and pay with PayPal, call customer service and demand they process it at full price and then refund the difference to your PayPal so you can use the discount. They say this is a one-time courtesy but the right thing to do is to allow customers to use the phone workaround every time they want to use PayPal with a promo code. Of course, what they really should be doing is making it an option on the website so customers don’t have to call in.

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  1. John Ferns Says:

    I got around this by getting a paypal debit card. I use the promo codes with it all the time for $2 payments.

  2. Alex1404 Says:

    The problem even bigger. I have both credit card and paypal on GoDaddy. but I’ve managed to use their promocode only once. The second time they didn’t accept neither PayPal nor credit card.

  3. Matthew Crowder Says:

    @John Thanks for the idea. That would be a good workaround (though we shouldn’t have to go to these lengths for a workaround) but the only debit card I found under “Products & Services” was the PayPal business debit Mastercard. They declined me when I applied as an individual.

    They also have a prepaid debit card available but that charges you a ridiculous $4.95 monthly fee to use it. Not buying that.

    We’re still getting screwed over by PayPal.

  4. John Ferns Says:

    Hey Matthew, Mine is the business debit card.

  5. Matthew Crowder Says:

    Boom. Just out of the blue today I got a message my PayPal Debit Mastercard application was now approved after they initially sent a message it was declined. I definitely suggest anyone in this situation apply for that card to get around GD’s stupid policy of not allowing PayPal to be used with promo codes. It’s stupid we have to go these lengths to do it.