The GAP between new gTLDs and the equivalent .coms

Posted on 26 January 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Formula for pricing Domain Names / Will the .net increase cause you to renew early? / Just sold for $2k / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Looking for a domain with Age > 20 years – Do you have some 20+-year-old domain names laying around in your portfolio? If so, make sure to share them with this buyer. It looks like they are ready to invest.

Trademarks for famous names – Are you investing in famous peoples names and risking trademark infringement? What steps are you taking to prevent legal action when you approach potential buyers of their own name? – 16 years old – Do you think a short brandable and pronounceable domain like has any value in today’s markets? It sounds like it might have some potential for a non-profit charity or maybe a genie-themed product/service.

Just sold for $2k – I would never have guessed that this domain would have sold for that much. Did you anticipate that high of a sale for

Will the .net increase cause you to renew early? – I think a lot of people may be renewing early on their .nets because of the renewal increases coming. Are you going to be one of the early renewals to save some money?

A formula for pricing Domain Names – Is this a formula that you use or are you using something better? Care to share your formula on domain evaluations?

The GAP between new gTLDs and the equivalent .coms – I’m not sure this is a valid argument. Simply becue a .com is appraised higher than the equivalent new gTLD, it doesn’t mean that the domain industry is in shambles, it simply means that not all domain names and extensions retain the same kind of value. Thoughts?

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