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End Users Frequently Lie

Posted on 02 April 2014 by Andrei

Now of course, I’m not generalizing but I do want to make it clear that yes, end users frequently lie. You can call it distorting the truth, you can call it something else if you consider the term “lie” too strong but I for one do not.


  • The “student” who says he needs your domain for a school project that’s not actually a student but a businessman playing the “student” card to convince you to give him a discount
  • The “I’m on a shoestring budget” guy who is actually very well-funded.
  • The “Your domain isn’t even that good” guy who bashes your domain despite the fact that he obviously liked it enough to go through the trouble of contacting you.
  • The “I have to make a decision soon” guy who is actually under no such pressure.

… the list could go on and on.

The bottom line is this: don’t assume that absolutely everything end users tell you is 100% true. A lot of times, end users lie because in their opinion, such an approach will help them secure the domain they’re after at a lower price.

If that’s the strategy they want to choose, there’s little you as a domainer can do about it. Just know that when it comes to negotiations, you should think not twice but ten times before believing something.

Should you call them out by saying “I don’t believe any of this” or something along those lines? Well, I for one would advise against this, as the chances of such an approach generating a useless back-and-forth discussion are high. Just focus on the sale and on your goals when it comes to it, be polite and adopt the negotiation strategy you consider appropriate for that specific situation.

4 Comments For This Post

  1. Ms Domainer Says:


    I’m shocked.


  2. Leonard Britt Says:

    How about the end user that charges $100/hour for their services but cannot afford to pay $25/month to lease a .COM domain relevant to their business.

  3. Mr Domainer Says:

    One problem with the industry is that everybody wants to sell at extremely high end-user pricing so of course buyers will resort to playing these games.

    I also once had a woman ask if I could lower the asking price. I replied ‘Ask your husband to contact me and we’ll see’.

  4. Really Says:

    Don’t forget Mr. and Mrs. Non-Profit who want to know if you can sell you domain to them for very little, or better yet just flat out donate it because their non-profit organization is a really good cause!