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DomainSherpa Recommends – Thanks Michael!

Posted on 23 July 2012 by Andrei

Michael from DomainSherpa is one of our clients (I own, it’s basically a hosting site created BY domainers, FOR domainers) and in his latest video, he recommends In order to take advantage of the discount he mentioned ($0.98 per month, in other words $11.76 per year), click on the banner you see on the sidebar or click HERE.

The hosting part of his video starts between minute 8 and 9 if I’m not mistaken and I have to admit: running a low margin business (if you let people host unlimited domains at less than a buck/month, that’s definitely as low margin as it gets haha) like is NOT easy but situations like this one make it more than worth it.

Reading a testimonial (or watching one in this case) makes everything worth it, just wanted to publish this post in order to thank Michael for believing in the project and for everything he’s doing through his interviews!

And again: in order to take advantage of the discount he mentions (you will only pay $0.98 per month, in other words $11.76 per year), click HERE and place an order by following one of the links on that page 😉

2 Comments For This Post

  1. nmwando Says:

    own a website about hosting myself so I know the biz well

    what you did isn’t easy 98 cents a month is very cheap, respect for pulling it off and helping domainers host their websites almost for free

    anyone who tries to offer a good product at a low price has my respect, keep it up and well done!

  2. Xdreamer Says:

    I remember when my websites experiment first started how expensive hosting used to be compared to now when you get good hosting like yours at not even 1dollar monthly.

    How long will you keep the special price deal running?