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Posted on 13 November 2015 by Andrei

Always good to see publicly reported sales such as this one, as they help put our industry on the map. Was very happy when Sai from informed me about the deal and I’d like to share the full press release with you guys:

In an transaction which has been finalized three days ago, a portfolio consisting of 260 ex-Marchex five-number dot com domains such as and 36689 has been acquired for $1,000,000 by domain industry enthusiasts Most of those 260 domains originally belonged to Marchex’s portfolio of 5 digit domains. is an active player in the domain trading and has investments in generic keyword domains, 4 digit and 5 digit domains.

Sai Pola, CEO of has confirmed that over the past few years, numeric domain names have experienced consistent growth due to unprecedented demand from China. Chinese investors are looking to diversify their wealth by also investing in foreign assets, with domain names proving to be among their favorites. While the price of assets such as gold and silver, assets traditionally sought after by Asian investors in general and Chinese investors in particular, has stagnated, digital assets have taken off.

Investors tend to prefer digital assets as a store of value over precious due to their increased portability.

Therefore, a generational shift is taking place. Traditionally dominant asset classes such as precious metals are losing their luster, paving the way for the digital asset dominance we are starting to experience in the present.

With a population of 1,350,000,000 (2015 estimate) and growing, demand from China is shaping a wide range of sectors, from digital assets such as numeric domain names to commodities such as copper, for which China is the main destination by far. The consistent GDP growth China has been experiencing brought about the emergence of a strong middle class, which is becoming more financially savvy with each year that passes.

Through acquisitions such as this one, is establishing itself as one of the dominant players of the numeric domain sector.

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