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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 5

Posted on 14 September 2015 by Andrei

Really awesome inventory today, should be interesting to see what happens next. First of all, I have a blockbuster website lined up, (it makes $2,000 per month) and also thought I’d experiment with short domains, which is why I have 162 of them for sale today.

Yes, one hundred and sixty two.

I also listed some of my own names + sites at deeply discounted prices and is another gem I think domainers will like.

I encouraged buyers to make offers, as all parties (buyers, sellers and yours truly) are interested in making deals happen.

That’s what the newsletter is all about.

Here is the full newsletter so that you guys can take a look but as always, the domains will be removed after 48 hours so as not to get indexed:

Awesome inventory + motivated sellers, that’s what I have to offer today!

Don’t hesitate to make offers, the seller might just accept and the worst that can happen is him refusing, I always strongly encourage buyers to make offers because they have absolutely nothing to lose.

If you see something you like or want to submit domains for next week’s newsletter, reply to this email or send a message to

Before continuing, here are the rules:

1) All transactions are handled via if the amount exceeds $500, the fees will be covered by the buyer. For smaller amounts, buyers as well as sellers usually prefer using PayPal but an escrow service can also be used if one of the two parties prefers this approach

2) First come, first served. A lot of people receive this newsletter. If you see something you like, reply quickly. If someone else beats you to it, he gets the domain even if you email me a higher offer. Again: first come, first served

3) Feel free to make an offer on any of today’s domains. Sellers might be willing to budge, especially if you buy in bulk. I can’t make any guarantees but I’ll do my best to make deals happen.

Edited: the domains have been removed

That’s it for today guys, send an email to if you see something you like or if you want to submit domains for next Monday’s newsletter.

All the best,

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