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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 40

Posted on 02 May 2016 by Andrei

With names like at $1,499 and LLLLs at $249 a pop, I expect these to go quickly. My favorite moments as someone who is running a domain sales newsletter is seeing domains sold within minutes after an email has been sent. Can’t put a price on that 🙂

Here’s the full newsletter and as always, the domains will be removed within 48-ish hours so as not to get indexed:

“Let’s get right down to business guys, the prices speak for themselves.

First come, first served.

I’ll start with a repeating letter Chinese premium which doesn’t contain NLPQR, awesome letter combination: The price is just $1,499, I expect this one to be sold within minutes at this price!

And next, here are 14 LLLL dot coms at bargain basement prices: – $345 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249 – $249

Payment via (buyer pays fee) or PayPal (if you cannot pay via masspay or “send to friend”, another 3% needs to be added to the payment).

To let me know which domain(s) you want to buy, reply to this email or send a message to

All the best,

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