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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 35

Posted on 08 April 2016 by Andrei

Time for another NamePros no reserve auction experiment and this time, I listed a considerably better CHIP than the one I auctioned last week. I decided to auction a CHIP with repeating letters,, at no reserve.

The high bid is only $1,250 at the moment of writing and the auction will end once there are no bids for 72 hours, should be fun to watch!

Here’s the full text of the newsletter I’ve sent out a few moments ago:

“Hi guys, it’s once again time for an experiment!

I’m selling an awesome Chinese premium LLLL dot com with repeating letters,, through a NO RESERVE NamePros auction.

The current high bid is only $1,250, so you can be the new leader by bidding as little as $1,255.

Here’s the link:

A lot of you probably already have NamePros accounts but if you don’t have an account yet, you can create one free of charge.

Happy Bidding,

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