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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 11

Posted on 26 October 2015 by Andrei

As someone who runs a domain sales newsletter, I ended up figuring out the golden rule: I have to be where the money is. It never ceases to amaze me how much liquidity there is with short domains compared to other types of inventory. Last week, I received an email from a buyer in less than a minute after publishing the newsletter if I’m not mistaken, he either got lucky or maybe some people just keep refreshing their inbox, waiting for my weekly email 🙂

As always, I’ll be sharing my full newsletter with you guys and as always, all domains will be removed within 48-ish hours so as not to get indexed.

Here’s this week’s email:

“It will be interesting to find out just how high LLLL values will go. As a domainer and as an economist, I consider short domains truly fascinating and honestly have no idea what’s going to happen next. Today’s newsletter will once again be dominated by LLLL dot coms, with one worders and websites sprinkled in.

If you see something you like or want to submit domains for next week’s newsletter, reply to this email or send a message to

Before continuing, here are two simple rules:

1) Transactions are handled via (with the escrow fees covered by the buyer) unless otherwise negotiated

2) First come, first served. A lot of people receive this newsletter. If you see something you like, reply quickly. If someone else beats you to it, he gets the domain even if you email me a higher offer. This happened to me on more than one occasion with LLLLs. Again: first come, first served

Edited: the domains have been removed.

That’s it for today guys, send an email to if you see something you like or if you want to submit domains for next Monday’s newsletter.

All the best,

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