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Scam Alert: $25,000 Offer to purchase a domain name

Posted on 01 February 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Quick flip: Handreg to $2,395 in 22 days / The future of .EU domains / NamesCon/ROTD Auction Results (2018) / And more!

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More Scams and Drama on DNForum

Posted on 08 March 2008 by Lord Brar

Scams and Drama on DNf

Two of the most recent scam-attempts at DNForum —

Scam #1 – Member claiming to be a woman who had a tough childhood and struggling to raise her kids, posted a thread about how she lost her two-year old. She asks members to support her during this tough time and buy her domains.

Emotions and condolences start to flow — so do red-flags. Discussions take emotional turn and all of sudden it turns out the member is a 51 Year Old man. You can read the more dramatic version of this incident here on Acro’s blog.

Lesson – Never Take Things at Face Value.

Scam #2 – More stolen domains for sale and again the involvement of member 9MM — who also had been also trying to act as he was playing the investigator by having a contact with the scammers when the scammers claimed him to be part of the play.

I can’t say that 9MM is guilty but his activities are VERY suspicious. How can someone buy all the high-profile names costing big-bucks when he claims to be a kid of parents who are so poor that he and they are not even able to afford a phone. Something just doesn’t add-up. Investigation is on.

You can read about this story here.

Why can’t these low-lives put in their creative brains to positive use rather than try to find ways to scam people and steal the things people have put in so much effort to earn in forst place?

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Another NetSol Blooper!

Posted on 02 March 2008 by Lord Brar

bdjuf posted a thread on DNForum about how Network Solutions is giving him trouble with a Stolen Domain even though Robert had called them up to investigate the issue. Here’s his side of the story —

Hey everyone

so many months back I bought a for 10,000$, from a domain broker who now I know is a thief. The funny thing is, this thief was actually the whois email of a very good (a company), so I had no idea trusting the seller at the time.

I went through, sent the payment, and when it came time for transfer (at netsol), the domain was under a “temporary lock”.

I called netsol to see whats up with the domain, ask if it’s stolen, and the rep assured me that everything was fine with the domain, and the lock was there simply because of protection for the account. The rep then offered to merge the account in which the was and my account, and then she did.

So now I have the domain name in my netsol account.

Many weeks after I purchased the name, Netsol calls me up telling me that the domain I have is stolen, and the previous owner wants it back. I immediately tell them that as I would be more than happy to return this (25k+) as long as I get my 10,000$ back. (fair enough, right?) I also assured netsol that I won’t be transfering the domain out, and that I am there for their full cooperation if they needed my help for anything. I forwarded them all emails and did everything they asked.

So now, NetSol is calling me up telling me how I am partially to blame because I did not investigate this locked status (me calling and explicitly making sure everything is fine with the domain name wasn’t enough obviously). They also tell me to speak to Escrow to see how I can get my money back.

Turns out Escrow can’t get my money back without the bank owner’s (the hijacker’s) consent, which we all know we aren’t getting.

Now the situation is that Netsol called the FBI about the situation, and the FBI will contact escrow asking for the bank information of the hijacker.

I would never keep any of my precious names at a registrar like Network Solutions but rather transfer them to someone more secure like Moniker the moment I can.

But that’s not the point. The point is that how much is NetSol to be blamed when their representative said everything was okay.

Follow the discussion on DNForum.

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Retard Scammer Strikes Back on

Posted on 02 February 2008 by Lord Brar

There really can’t be a crazier way to spend your Saturday than investigating a Retard Scammer. I can’t get into details right now since we are still working to find more about this retard but till then you can have fun by seeing all the drama that took place on

1. For Sale. The guy has balls trying to sell a name worth xx,xxx for just $600! I mean com’on, anyone can see through this.

2. For Sale. This name is owned by Sony. Hey Mr. Scammer — Will you sell Sony along with this domain for $50?

I wouldn’t leave you without some inside dirt. Here’s the last PM he sent me at DNF —



I will not repeat.

Pls forgive me.

I am very scared now.

Please reply.

Tell me how to resolve it.



Please reply.

I am really sorry.

Also My exams are near the corner.

I am waiting.


Story Developing. Stay tuned for updates.

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Why Network Solutions’ Certified Offers Service Stinks! – Two Things You Must Know About Them.

Posted on 01 February 2008 by Lord Brar - Network Solutions Certified Offers! Continue Reading

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