The best choice for a new gTLD launch

Posted on 25 February 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Domain Names and “Action Words” / How much tax are you paying for the domain sales you make? / Sold for $30,000 / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news. – What on earth could a domain name asset like be developed into that generates revenue? seriously, is there a way to make a penny or two looking at old auction bid data?

Clear.Info – Maybe it translates to “Clear Information”. With that said, maybe it could be a data wiping service? Basically, a service that allows the consumer to clean a server or format a hard drive. There are many services like that out there, but could this domain be worth anything? – Is this a joke? I guess it could be brandable, but does it have any reseller value? Is this a bad investment or are they a genius?

How much tax are you paying for the domain sales you make? – Are you paying taxes on your domain sales or are you avoiding them? Maybe you were not aware that sales tax should be applied to a domain asset? Share your thoughts and experience.

Domain Names and “Action Words” – Do you invest in action word domain names at all? They seem like a great idea and some have sold for a pretty penny. What kind of success have you had with action words? Sold for $30,000 – Nothing like a five digit .net gTLD sale to get that blood pumping through you and your heart racing. You have to love seeing motivational domain sales reports like this one.

The best choice for a new gTLD launch – Have you ever looked at the current lineup of gTLDs and thought to yourself that you could have thought of a better one that everybody would want to develop on? What was it? Put your idea to the test and see what other investors think?

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