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Being Realistic Sucks

Posted on 26 April 2013 by Andrei

… because, sometimes, reality tends to suck. But as a domainer or let’s say as an investor in general, you’ll lose your shirt if you aren’t able to be brutally realistic.

Yes, brutally.

Most people don’t do as well as they could/should because they run away from pain.

The truth can sometimes hurt but pain isn’t bad.

It just isn’t or better said, it sure is better than the alternative.

If you place your hand in a fire, it’s going to hurt and that’s a good thing because otherwise, you wouldn’t pull it out quickly enough and the fire would destroy the tissue.

The pain is bad initially but because of it, you’ll avoid consequences that are far more negative.

Running businesses and being a domainer made me brutally realistic.

If something’s black, I’ll tell you it’s black even though you want it to be white.

I don’t tell others what they want to hear and most importantly, I don’t tell myself what I want to hear.

As bitter as it can sometimes be, I’ll take the truth, thank you very much.

In my opinion, you should too because the pros of being realistic strongly outweigh the cons.

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