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An Open Letter to Nominet and ICANN – One Suggestion, That’s It

Posted on 29 October 2012 by Andrei

I don’t want to turn this post into a novel, so I’ll keep things simple. As most of you probably know, Nominet will be introducing .uk domains. Let’s be honest and leave hypocrisy aside for just one moment: just like new gTLDs represent a way through which ICANN will make a LOT of money, dot uk domains represent a way through which… you guessed it, Nominet will make a LOT of money.

“Oh but we’re innovating, we’re turning the Internet into a better place!”

That’s bs.

It’s all about the money and as someone who represents domainers who understand that we’re only talking about a way through which ICANN/Nominet will make money, I have a suggestion.

Just one:

Dear Nominet/ICANN, don’t forget that you are non-profit organizations!

That’s it, here it is again in bold:

Dear Nominet/ICANN, don’t forget that you are non-profit organizations!

And here it is underlined:

Dear Nominet/ICANN, don’t forget that you are non-profit organizations!

Hopefully that’s enough.

But in case my suggestion isn’t specific enough, here are some obvious implications:

1) Don’t waste money on outrageously high and undeserved salaries

2) Don’t waste money on unnecessary trips, luxury hotels and so on

3) Consider donating some of the money you’ll be making to organizations which make the WORLD a better place, not just the Internet. Research aimed at curing illnesses, organizations which want to eradicate poverty and so on.

In other words:

We’ll pretend to believe the bs about “making the Internet a better place” that you’re feeding us and you’ll use the money you hustled (I mean rightfully earned, what was I thinking?) in a responsible manner.

Fair enough?

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  1. RaTHeaD Says:

    so it’s true then… i can buy cialis online.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @RaTHeaD: sorry ’bout that, Akismet is blocking too many legitimate comments, so I’m playing around with options which aren’t as strict but the downside is that automated comments occasionally get through.

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