All The Cool Domains Under One Roof? [Guest Post]

Posted on 05 May 2014 by Andrei

So many domainers just sit on a variety of different types of domains waiting for offers. A lot of times they’ll also try seeking out potential end users (usually in vain). The secret is to focus and put all of your domains in a niche under one roof. Drive potential buyers in that niche to your stable of domains. Then you’re not relying on that rare type-in from a buyer who thought up the name on their own or lost in a sea of a million domain names at one of the three biggies.

To that end, I created BuyNamez to be the place to buy cool brand name .com’s. But it’s not just for my .com’s as it almost entirely is now. I’m opening it up so any domainer can send me their cool .com’s (to domains -at- and I’ll add them in and promote them for you free (you can still list them on all the other marketplaces too – no exclusivity). But you better share the love when they sell! And, yes, I get to make the judgment on whether any .com submitted is cool or not. 😉

But it’s not enough to just have a niche domain marketplace. You have to spread the word about it to get them in front of the right buyers. That’s why I’m promoting these cool .com’s not just on BuyNamez but rotating them as “Cool Site Ideas” on my brainstorming community, IdeaStormz, for more visibility. I think of domains as creativity in its purest form and these .com’s are a great source of ideas for people looking to build new websites, apps and blogs.

Now we can get our cool brands in front of the creatives who can make something happen and put them to work. Too many amazing .com’s are being wasted, parked and unused, gathering dust in our portfolios. I saw the other day one of the ultimate domains out there was simply PARKED! Unbelievable. It got me thinking what a shame it is domainers are sitting on so many killer brands that are completely languishing. The way I see it, it’s time we get our best .com’s seen by the decision makers and, as Eric Clapton would say, change the world.

This post was written by domainer Matthew Crowder. His domains are listed over at

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  1. Matthew Crowder Says:

    The domain I was talking about at the end was an exact match .com for the best show on TV today and they were doing nothing with it. Just parking it with the same old stupid text ads. One thing I hate is when domainers get greedy and lazy and just park a truly awesome domain like that. Whenever I have a domain like that I make sure I give 110% and respect the movie/show, find a way to do right by it. Even if you’re not fully developing it yet, if you put in a little effort and apply yourself you can make something great like I did with,, and

  2. Domains Gains Says:

    Without knowing the .com domain name you’re referring to… wouldn’t there be copyright issues involved?
    On the other hand, if the name is owned by the show producers, it’s their loss, and there’s little one can do.

  3. Matthew Crowder Says:

    No doubt the name I’m talking about is trademarked. All the more reason not to park it with text ads. But if he would’ve just redirected it to a great site about the show or put a great fan vid on there or something he’d part of the solution and not the problem. But instead all the guy (some dope in China who doesn’t have a clue) cares about is money, money, money and since it’s trademarked and he doesn’t give a care he’s not going to get it from the show’s producers or anybody else. He obviously doesn’t give a crap that he’s disrespecting them and the show’s producers are too busy making a great show to deal with a dope like that. It’s really a shame.

  4. Domains Gains Says:

    Yes, you’re absolutely right.
    Great waste on part of the domainer; although one would think that the producers would eventually try to wrest it out of him/her.

  5. marketplace Says:

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