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OUCH! The US Loses AAA Credit Rating

Posted on 05 August 2011 by Andrei

Domainers, this WILL affect all of us! Standard & Poor downgraded the US from AAA to AA+ and even though there was a $2 trillion mistake involved in their initial analysis (wtf?!?), they did not change their decision.

No matter which country you’re from, this decision will affect you in one way or another. Read this and this when you get a chance to.

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  1. Louise Says:

    Nice find! is just as an important resource as any out there for current news, tech and otherwise – you’ve proven that!

    Not to worry. From what I understand, raising the debt ceiling is just a temporary measure to stave off disaster. It stand to reason the solution likely envisioned as to wait until the reelection:

    Microsoft use of low-tax havens drives down tax bill

    The double standard of sophisticated businesses exploiting tax loopholes while the ever-diminishing pool of regular folks pay the full amount has to stop. Nevada, Wyoming, and Delaware’s tax laws have to conform to the rest of the country. You may not like it, but – come on! – Bill Gates can’t take it with him, anyway! Is it worth it to witness the infrastructure crumbling while sneaky accountants stow away US company profits in the Caymans? When roads and bridges give out, is it really worth it? Something to ponder . . .

  2. Hal Meyer Says:

    Stop the class warfare crap.

    I am no fan of Bill Gates’ business practices, but Microsoft has created tons of jobs over 3 decades and caused true economic stimulus.

    Rich people create jobs, when they are not being punished by government. Stop the punishment.. and the economy may recover. The top 1% pay 95% of the taxes. The bottom 60% pay nothing.

    The biggest thing that killed our country is the government social programs. They are riddled with fraud and most are bankrupt. They add no economic value. They reward failure. Tens of millions of parasites taking taking and taking and taking–for over 50 years –has finally taken a massive toll.

  3. Tim Davids Says:

    Hal nailed it.

    Also Japan did just fine after getting downgraded. Credit ratings are a farce anyway.

  4. Michael Says:

    Applause goes to Hal!

    I believe that this happens in most of the countries around the world and this situation needs to be changed and I think it will be changed in hard way.

  5. shuwix Says:

    they didn’t downgrade it.
    They’ve just compensate their eye catching rating scam.
    Biggest bankrupt or bailed out companies had highest rating just day before bankrupcy.

    Real rating is like BBB.
    I forgot, you’ve got biggest army and most greedy ppl runing government spreading terrorcracy for oil and minerals round the world.
    So in this fucked up world you’re still AAA.
    I’m not trolling. Europe is in similar shit.

  6. Louise Says:

    We should ALL just register our businesses in our wife’s name in Nevada, and set up sham boards to move profits out of the country – are you okay with that?

    From your perspective, that’s what young soldiers are giving their lives for, our right to exploit every loophole and pay the minimum?

    If it’s okay for Microsoft to pay 7% taxes after it had a banner year, then none of the rest of us should have to pay more than that.

    I think your logic is faulty.

  7. UncleSuck Says:

    Why should the big corporations like Google, Gm, Microsoft etc not be allowed to pay little taxes and hoard their profits in offshore bank accounts?

    St. Petersburg Police cutting up homeless tents

    While their Government pisses away halve its taxes on its WAR MACHINE around the world.

    If that ain’t fucked up I don’t know what is.

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    The countries around the world and this situation needs to be changed and I think it will be changed in hard way.

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  10. Web design Leeds Says:

    I live in Perth, Australia, I want to know what and how your credit rating is worked out.Obviously it takes into account late payment of bill and outstanding debts and all that, but is there anything else that you might not think would be included? also, is there any way to check your credit rating without applying for something or paying a bank to do it???

  11. Indian Recipes Says:

    It is really bad news for U.S.

  12. myrecipes Says:

    This is really bad news for domains buyers

  13. Ecommerce Leeds Says:

    Sorry, I don’t get this at all. Why do some prospective employers check out your credit rating before they decide to hire you? What does your credit rating have to do with whether or not you will be a good employee?