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4 Quick Ideas To Develop Your Domains

Posted on 11 September 2008 by Lord Brar

I am a big fan of developing domains. Here are some quick ideas to help you develop your domains —

Blogs: It is extremely easy to install wordpress, install a nice web template and start posting re-printable articles from sites like eZine Articles.

Forums: You can install vBulletin vBulletin or PHPbb, make some categories and let people create content for you. It is an extremely easy way not just to get content but also get good search rankings and develop a community that will get you long-term profits.

Gallery: Let people upload photos on your site using PhotoPost or Gallary 2.0 or Coppermine. Be sure to use the watermarking feature of these software to allow for viral marketing of your website.

Directory: You can make loads of money by charging people to get listed on your directory. PhpLinkDirectory and PhpLinkBid.

I will be covering this topic in detail in next few posts and talk about each strategy individually. Stay tuned.

PS: Yes, I know the newsletter link is broken and will be fixing it soon.

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