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Yes, You Can Sell Domains @ NameJet

Posted on 28 November 2012 by Andrei

A lot of people see auctions with reserves at NJ and are naturally wondering if they can list domains as well. The short answer is yes. Listing a domain at NameJet isn’t as straightforward as listing it at Sedo (for example) but as you’ve noticed, domainers can and do auction domains there.

If you have domains which are genuinely worth it, contact them by submitting a ticket through their Help Center and they will get back to you with further details.

Their commission isn’t low because their main competitors don’t have low commissions either, so it’s all a matter of figuring out whether or not you’d be able to obtain a price that’s high enough to make it worth it.

Let’s assume you want to sell a “wholesale”, so a with fairly low quality letters.

As you probably know, I’m willing to help people sell domains worth at least $3,000 on the reseller market or mini portfolios worth at least $5,000 in exchange for a commission of only 3% if and only if they price them to sell. If you didn’t know, click HERE.

Alright, so let’s assume I’d be able to obtain $5,000 for your wholesale LLL dot com.

Subtract my 3% commission ($150), subtract the fee ($162.50 for a $5,000 transaction, here’s a link to their fee calculator) and you’re left with $4,687.5.

Now let’s say you were to list it through a venue that charges 15%, escrow services included.

At $5,000, you’d be left with $4,250 after their commission.

The conclusion is simple.

In order to determine whether or not a venue or another is better, you have to ask yourself:

Can the more expensive venue generate a high enough sales price compared to the less expensive one to cover the commission difference?

If you think the answer is yes, go with the more expensive venue.

If you think the answer is no, go with the less expensive venue.

There’s no “right or wrong” answer, it simply depends on the domain.

Alright then, this post ended up being longer than expected.

The bottom line is this: yes, you can sell domains at NameJet and as a domainer, it would be a mistake to ignore this sales venue.

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