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Would You Pay 100 Bucks for

Posted on 09 March 2014 by Andrei

On Tuesday, I exchanged thoughts with some readers and tried to explain that despite the fact that let’s say .info is considered a failure by most domainers, certain domains definitely have reseller market value.

To do that, I asked one of my readers whether or not he would pay 100 bucks for He understood my point and acknowledged that even for .info, there is at least some reseller market demand. That’s a fair position and I was glad the necessary clarifications were made.

However, after that, two other readers posted the following comments:


Huh? No, I would most certainly NOT want to buy for $100. Total liability. Very small, unlikely upside. If the $100 is burning a hole in your pocket, use it to renew 10+ .com domains. That will get you much farther than a worthless .info or any of the stupid gtld’s.”

“@Andrei: Sorry, I too would not give you $100 for a .info.

Just not worth it.

Nor would I pay even 1/2 of that for a gtld. Those are a tasteless joke designed for fools and to be traded by knaves.”

I highlighted the parts I found interesting.


Because for top dot info domains such as, there have been auctions not so long ago and the prices those domains ended at made it clear that for top one word terms in dot info, the reseller market prices are quite high: 4 to even 5 figures.

In other words, there are currently domainers willing to pay 4 to 5 figures for top keywords in dot info. And again, there were several such auctions not so long ago, so cannot say “oh, that sale was simply a fluke” or something along those lines.

In fact, the second comment came after I posted another message where I mentioned that such dot infos tend to fetch 4 to 5 figures at auction venues and therefore, by purchasing for 100 bucks, you can be almost 100% certain that you’d easily be able to sell it for 4-5 figures to another domainer.

In my opinion, there’s a lesson to be learned.

The lesson is that as a domainer, it’s important not to let the fact that you don’t like other extensions make you see everything in a “black or white” manner. is worth considerably more than 100 bucks on the reseller market and if someone were to offer it to you at that price (highly unlikely), it would be a mistake to say no to that opportunity just because you don’t like the .info extension.

Again, this doesn’t mean dot info will ever come close to dot com.

It doesn’t even mean dot info is a good extension.

It simply means that certain domains have a 4-5 figure reseller market value in the dot info gTLD and that you shouldn’t say no to an almost risk-free opportunity such as buying at 100 bucks just because you don’t particularly like the extension.

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10 Comments For This Post

  1. tristan Says:

    Dummies name can fetch $20k with right buyer

  2. Andrei Says:

    @tristan: in this specific case (the 4-5 figure reseller market value of, it’s not even a matter of finding the right buyer or selling to an end user. As recent similar reseller market sales have proven, it could fetch 4-5 figs at pretty much any auction venue.

  3. HowieCrosby Says:

    In a New York minute! At least ping it on Flippa!

  4. Mike Says:

    Hell yeah!

    Certainly would sell $
    and dot info beats the hell out of the most new .whatever extensions.

  5. Says:

    Testing, 1.2.3…

    Checking to see if this blog is live or delay moderated… testing..

  6. Andrei Says: all comments have to be approved before appearing, I realize it’s an inconvenience and apologize but it’s considerably easier for me to keep things organized that way.

  7. Konstantinos Zournas Says:

    I would like to see the domains that the people that wouldn’t pay $100 for own.

  8. Says:


    I truly like your topics, and posts, but they call for a lively discussion. I advised earlier to open it up I hate seeing my comments appear many hours later. I can only participate if my comments are responsive, that is live.

    On the issue of .INFO, particularly, many people would pay a lot over $100 for it. I would not.

    To Konstantinos, I would like you to point us not just to a sale of .info, but a successful .info site. A business, a major business; a company that is known memorably by .info. We all know .LY by etc but .info sells a lot, however, it is not really widely advertised by businesses. To me, it’s inexplicable why it’s selling, perhaps it’s just trendy for domainers.

  9. Andrei Says: you know what, I’ll give it a try. As of this point, comments will no longer be moderated, should be an interesting experiment :)

  10. Says:


    Oh wow, great! Now you’ll be able to take over the blogosphere ;-)

    Good luck..

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