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Will Registrars Promote New gTLDs Aggressively?

Posted on 23 March 2014 by Andrei

The strategy registrars are or will be adopting is extremely important when it comes to raising end user awareness about new gTLDs. Imagine you’re Joe the End User and visit your registrar’s website because you have to renew an existing domain. If you see new gTLDs promoted aggressively on the homepage, you might find out for the first time about the existence of these new domains.

Then maybe a month later, you have to visit the registrar’s website again to let’s say update the name servers of a domain. If new gTLDs are yet again promoted aggressively on the homepage, you might be tempted to find out more this time and as time passes, you might end up getting used to them.

Now of course, the following question arises:

Will registrars promote new gTLDs aggressively?

In my opinion, it will all be a matter of split testing for them. In other words, they will test various approaches and ultimately stick with the one(s) that generate the most money. They will test various layouts through which new gTLDs are promoted aggressively, they will test various layouts through which “traditional” TLDs are promoted, they will test various layouts through which dot com is promoted and so on.

Money talks, everything else is just background noise.

As time passes, registrars will gather data about the effects of each approach. If promoting new gTLDs makes them more money, they will do this more often. If not, they won’t. When it comes to the new gTLD launches, registrars are in a very good position because registry operators will basically be forced to compete against one another and of course against the status quo in terms of registrar “shelf space” such as sticking with dot com.

Time will tell what ultimately happens. There’s no doubt in my mind that registry operators will be willing to offer very good deals but at the end of the day, the results have to do all of the talking because for the most part, registrars will be very pragmatic and simply choose whichever option generates more money.

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  1. Scott Alliy Says:

    Great points. Here is my take/guess.
    Some registrars will promote GTLD extensions more agressive than others.
    In the absence of expected results you will see all sorts of registry reaction including ending contracts, adding or changing registrars etc.
    The failure to meet established goals combined with investor pressure will force many registry owners to seek consultant and advisory services especially marketing consultants and also alternative outlets to represent their GTLD to the marketplace.
    The new round of GTLD applications will only increase the pressure on registry owners to perform.
    Excuse makers with skin or emotion in the GTLD program will continue to do what excuse makersdo vis a vis “reg numbers don’t mean that much”? REALLY? and wait … W best GTLD extensions are not out yet. REALLY?
    The bottom line (which includes the truth BTW) is that the statement that there was / is a market for alternate extensions is in serious question.
    Don’t believe me? Ask yourself two quick questions
    How many people do you know at have bought a New GTLD and have developed a website on it? Oh I know… They just started that’s why right? WRONG! when you buy a new car do you wait a while to drive it? Buy a new TV Do you wait a while to watch it?

    So much will happen that newbie and eternal domainers and registrar and registry owners can only imagine.

    The opportunity for domain investors and entrepreneurs doing business in or around the GTLD space is like the home repai guy. Via it and see where disasters are striking and move in to reap the benefits of business services you can offer or tak advantage of fire sale pricing on premium GTLDs whose actual numbers fell far below forecast.

    Just my .02 from 20 years participating in this crazy industry called the domain industry.


  2. Kassey Says:

    Good discussion. Thanks.

  3. Scott Alliy Says:

    Sorry for the auto type errors. Regarding what is likely to happen with GTLDs and wherecare they going The second question to ask which I left out of my first post is with overc300k registrations how many .gtld sites have you visited lately? how about dotcom sites. We can debate probability but not facts. Stay tuned as new facts become evident all of which will shape the real truth not conjecture or prognostication about the success or failure of the GTLD program.