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What If the Internet Would Cease to Exist?

Posted on 30 March 2014 by Andrei

I highly doubt that something like this could happen but as a professional domain investor, you owe it to yourself to at least think about such scenarios.

What if the Internet would cease to exist altogether as of next month?

What if the Internet would cease to exist in its current form as of next month?

In other words, maybe it wouldn’t disappear altogether but would be restricted to only a relatively small number of websites for various reasons.

Or maybe for political reasons, what if each country would abandon the “current” Internet? Instead, each would create its own version and citizens would only be allowed to use that one. What if something like that were to happen?

You see, the value of your portfolio depends on the Internet continuing to function in its current form. Should that change (again, a scenario I for one consider highly unlikely), you may very well end up realizing that the valuable portfolio you thought you had last month literally evaporated.

Am I saying you should spend every waking moment worrying about scenarios like these?

No, of course not!

I’m simply saying that as a domainer, you owe it to yourself to at least try to answer the following question:

If one of these dramatic scenarios were to unfold (or maybe something different that I didn’t think of), how would your life be affected?

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  1. Steve Says:

    If/when the power goes out domains will be the last thing anyone will need.

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