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Weird Week for New gTLDs

Posted on 07 August 2014 by Andrei

… in a good *and* bad way. On the one hand, we finally have another new gTLD about which we can say that it did ok on its first day of General Availability: Dot Rocks, with 5,191 registrations.

On the other hand though, the other 6 extensions performed rather poorly and combined, generated less registrations than Dot Rocks:

Dot Limited: 1,098 registrations
Dot WTF: 977 registrations
Dot Reise: 892 registrations
Dot Financial: 758 registrations
Dot Fail: 634 registrations
Dot Actor: 572 registrations

I’m quite surprised to only see 572 registrations for Dot Actor. Didn’t go after any .actor domains yesterday, so I haven’t done any research. Perhaps there were too many premium domains, perhaps the premium fees were too high but then again, maybe domainers just didn’t find the extension appealing enough.

Either way, new gTLDs have without a doubt had an interesting day to say the least. However, do keep in mind that when I said Dot Rocks did ok, I’m comparing it to the most recent batches of new gTLDs. If we were to compare Dot Rocks to the Dot Co launch for example, the numbers seem ridiculously low and even compared to some of the earlier new gTLDs, they’re nothing worth writing home about.

However, compared to the most recent new gTLD batches, the Dot Rocks results are good. The conclusion? Compared to other weeks, thanks especially to Dot Rocks, new gTLDs performed better. However, compared to “pre new gTLD” launches or even compared to some of the earlier new gTLD launches, the results are very disappointing.

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  1. Snoopy Says:

    The .rocks count sounds suspect, I wonder if anyone has looked at the zone yet.

  2. Steve Says:

    .foolsgold imo.

    Holding back premiums for big $$ ???
    I thought the new extensions where going to open up availability for great new names for everyone. You could buy great .com’s in the aftermarket for less than some of the reserve prices for these new “premium” extension domains.
    Some extensions apparently won’t even work with email??? Too long??
    Looks like shovel salesmen will make all of the money again.

  3. Tommy Says:

    Something tells me one entity holds a large percentage of those .rocks

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