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We Live in a F*cked Up World!

Posted on 15 December 2012 by Andrei

Innocent children died but as always, there are idiots who try to make money from tragedies. How these people can look in the mirror is beyond me, you know who they are.

Whenever a tragedy happens, there are always people who want to shamelessly take advantage of the situation.

And I’m not just talking about the Internet, a very large part of the traditional media world is just as guilty.

I’m not referring to the people who report the facts, I’m sure all of you are well aware of the sleazy type of media industry coverage I’m thinking of.

I guarantee that when a tragedy happens, a lot of people who work in the TV/radio industry are happy because they make more money.

For some, it can be a subconscious process caused by the fact that their job altered their perception of right and wrong but for the real sociopaths (and there are many), that argument isn’t valid either.

We truly live in a f*cked up world!

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  1. William Says:

    Because when it comes to guns, we are the most stupid country, allowing to buy/sell them anytime, anywhere and to anybody. And because we, US citizens, want to have such right, we will stay stupid and we will see this happaning all the times…

  2. Alan Says:

    Yup………..Sedo has a listing for “NewtownMassacre”……….People
    have no shame………

  3. Andrew Says:

    It’s not the guns fault. And if a teacher or security gaurd had been carring one, maybe this could have been stopped eariler. It’s a horrible tragidy. Even more that we have pyscos and pedifiles running loose in every neighborhood.

  4. William Says:

    @Andrew – It is not the guns fault, but access to guns make this happend more often. Maybe 10x more often…

  5. 1808 Says:

    Nice stats, William, “Maybe 10X”. That’s meaningless.

    Things are bad? Go back 200, 500, or 1000 years. Then ask those folks if they’d like to have guns to even have the chance to stand up to their attackers.

    Libya, Syria, Egypt, all have needed them to take down dictators.

    Why do you think so many people died over 200 years ago to give us the right to own guns? Why was it so important?

    Violent crime rates have been going down for decades in the U.S. Calm down everyone.

  6. Bob Says:

    No,guns do kill people, the stats from all other countries back this up, people have emotions,illness and everything that can make a seemingly normal person flip out,if they have access to a gun the consequences are horrific as in this case.
    Adding more guns will not solve anything, people commit crimes,rob banks and properties knowing full well that they may encounter guns,so clearly this is no deterrent,shockingly this is not even the worst instance of this in America,yet we still here people trying to defend their rights to bear arms, its pretty pathetic that someone is moaning about their rights even if it costs innocent people their lives,very selfish imo.
    It is nothing to do with liberilism it is about ensuring tragedies like this do not happen becuase some kid with an issue can go down the store and buy a gun,how anyone can say this is right is beyond many more innocent people have to lose their lives before the gun toting brigade see it.

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