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Using Email Templates When Replying to End Users

Posted on 29 July 2014 by Andrei

Some end users don’t understand the concept of buying a premium domain, so you will occasionally have to educate them. Sometimes, they don’t even know how the transfer process works, so it will once again be time to help them and so on.

You will without a doubt deal with certain situations more than once, so why go through the trouble of composing a brand new email each and every time?

Wouldn’t it make sense to have email templates for the most common situations and simply copy/paste?

Let’s assume an end user asks you to justify your asking price and that you send a nice email which explains why buying premium domains is worth it. Great, all you have to do is save that email as a draft as well and next time a similar situation arises, you can simply send that one with whichever minor modifications (if any) are necessary.

The same way, you can have a draft/template which explains the transfer process.

Or how you usually seal the deal with end users (the steps which need to be followed once you reach an agreement).

… I’m sure you get the point.

The great thing about this solution is the fact that implementing it is a piece of cake. All you have to do is save some drafts (which shouldn’t take more than a few seconds) and that’s it. Down the road, this solution should help you save quite a bit of time.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to apply exclusively to end users. You can use it in other situations as well and all in all, I’d always recommend thinking of creative ways to save time because even if certain solutions don’t seem like amazing breakthroughs, it all adds up.

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  1. Leonard Britt Says:

    Quite often I will get the response “I already have a domain name.” Theoretically I could reply I have a better one but somehow I don’t believe that would work. Actually a few days ago I received the response that they were interested in the eight-character .COM domain but wanted to know “Do you charge?” I quoted a $75/month lease price and they replied “In that case I’m not interested.” I asked them with a smile “Do you give away your products as well?”

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