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THREE Domains at $0.99 from GoDaddy

Posted on 27 November 2012 by Andrei

Their Cyber Monday promo came a bit late but hey, better late than never 🙂

This coupon works for new registrations as well as transfers and unlike most similar GoDaddy coupons, you can use it for up to 3 domains. Not bad, not bad at all and it seems I was wrong: NameCheap isn’t the only game in town when it comes to Cyber Monday.

All in all, congratulations GoDaddy and congratulations NameCheap!

Hopefully some more companies will follow in their footsteps next year but for now, here’s the coupon, enjoy:


Now that you hopefully managed to save a buck on several domains, don’t forget to grab some hosting from! At only $0.98/month, lets you host unlimited domains with a lifetime money back guarantee and all of the revenue is donated via Kiva. Click HERE to place an order.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. gary Says:

    It does not seem to be working for me.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @gary: try emptying your cart. Then, use this link:

    Or: try adding the free .info along with your domain. You might have to clear everything and start from scratch, but this time add the free .info along with your domain at the start.

    This worked for some of the people who didn’t manage to simply reg domains by using the coupon, hope it helps.

  3. sergio Says:

    I put the promo code in at the end and it did not work, so I emptied my cart and started all over! It worked! Thank you very much!