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The Responsibility Is Yours, Not Theirs

Posted on 12 February 2013 by Andrei

Lots of people read domaining blogs because they want answers and not just news/facts, completely understandable. What will happen after new gTLDs go live? What will happen to the reseller market?

The same way, people read financial sites/blogs/newspapers/magazines in order to find answers to questions which, fundamentally speaking, are pretty much identical to the previously mentioned ones.

What will happen to the stock market? What will happen to gold prices?

… and so on.

What you have to understand is that seeing things from a “please tell me what opinions I should have” standpoint is a mistake.

Before reading articles, you have to realize that the responsibility for your financial decisions is yours, not the author’s.

The author of an article is responsible for his/her financial decisions and that’s it.

He or she can share opinions through an article but blindly adopting those opinions as your own would be a mistake.

I like to read all sorts of different opinions, especially those which challenge mine.

But I treat them as just that, opinions as opposed to sources of undeniable truth.

Extract valuable information from each article, understand the logic behind it but make your own decisions.

Most people don’t do this and they end up not having personal opinions. Instead, the ideas they wrongfully consider personal opinions are just regurgitated opinions that they blindly adopted as their own.

Don’t make this mistake.

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  1. Jeff Schneider Says:

    So much of what we learn in school books is sheer fantasy as to their true reality. I like the point you make in this post. There are many examples throughout history that point to flawed judgements.

    You think Mt. Everest is the highest mountain on earth? WRONG Mt. Chimborazzo in Ecuador is. Mt. Everest actually is not even ranked in the top three. Pluto is a planet? There is nothing faster than the speed of light? You have to think outside the box of all the Dogmas we are taught to accept. We are in an age of enlightenment and there will be many more casualties along the way. We all have Beautiful Minds we have been endowed with but we have to open them to changes on the horizon. In other words Lead don’t follow !

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

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