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How I “Really” Make Money From Domain Names

Posted on 08 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Domaining Strategies

This is My True Story

There was a time when I was extremely frustrated with my domaining business. I was seeing people sell domains for hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet I had so many domains which no one was willing to pay even registration fee for, let aside thousands. What was worse was that I was not making much money in parking either.

Whenever I saw the domain-sales charts I would cringe. What was I doing wrong? Was there a fault in my investment strategy? I had to do something about it or simply get out of domaining business. It was a do-or-die situation for me.

There is another thing — I hate failing.

So, I sat-back to take a rational look at my investment strategy and find out what was wrong with it. And very soon I did. Continue Reading

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