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Sometimes, End Users Walk Away Unexpectedly

Posted on 14 March 2014 by Andrei

As a lot of domainers can confirm, end users can sometimes behave in an unpredictable manner and seemingly straightforward negotiations can end abruptly.

For example, maybe you’re involved in a negotiation and everything goes well initially. You quote a price, the other party gets back to you with a counter offer, you reply with a new price and so on.

Then, right when you’re close to the proverbial finish line and try to close with something along the lines of “meet me at $x and we have a deal” (where $x is a reasonable amount that seemingly represents a good/obvious compromise, for example if your previous position was $1,500 and the other party’s position was $1,400, $x could be something like $1,450), the end user goes silent.

Maybe after a while, you follow up.

Still nothing.

It may seem strange that all it took was an extra 50 bucks for the other party to lose interest but things like this happen more often than you think. Now of course, some domainers blame themselves for insisting with that extra amount but the truth is that sometimes, end users behave in a weird manner and not necessarily because you did something wrong.

Sure, maybe you made mistakes at one point or another throughout the negotiation process but again, strange situations such as the end user losing interest over something like 50 dollars sometimes occur. Not because you did something wrong, not because you went overboard but just… well, because 🙂

You will try to find explanations. You will try to analyze each and every email in order to figure out what on Earth went wrong but the truth is, some situations just cannot be explained. As a domainer, it might be a good idea not to obsess about such email exchanges. Instead, put them in a drawer labeled “weird negotiations” somewhere in your brain and move on.

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  1. Says:

    I Agree 100%.

  2. MarkM Says:

    I believe a small percentage of domainers actually do what you say to other domainers for spite, jealousy or dislike. After all, domaining is a competitive business. So, some logical explanations might be what i mention here.

  3. wayne Says:

    This happened very recently to me.
    I got an unsolicited offer. I asked for a little more and got a better offer but then couldn’t get any communication with tentative
    buyer or broker. I asked the broker to help but this took almost a week.
    Broker eventually said he had another similar domain problem with
    the tentative buyer. I think sales that fail are about 50%.

  4. Ken Glen Says:

    Whenever this happen you wonder if it was something you did. You go through the emails you sent and received just as Andrei hoping to find what you did wrong so you can correct it for next time but a lot of the time it is not anything you cannot pin point so you just have to forget about it and move on to the next deal.

  5. Says:


    Very true. It’s part of rigors of the trade, and life actually.

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